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Unfortunately the girls did not get an at-large bid. Coach May came over and read the following:


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  1. Bummer ladies 😦 . . . so sorry the season didn’t end the way we all had hoped. You have SO much to be proud of though. You are amazing young women, full of talent and heart, and you’re all heros in my book for training past regionals not knowing what the outcome would be.

    Keep your tips up,

    Coach Sonnek

  2. Love your spirit and your pride, ladies!! So many teams would give anything to be in your shoes, your team has something special that no one can take away!! Keep up the good work, and show ’em what you have in Portland!! Have fun on the whoop de whoos!

  3. Mary Hardin (Caroline's mom)

    Dear XC Team and Parents:

    For those of you who may not have heard, the Girls Varsity team decided they weren’t taking “NO” for an answer from Nike and are leaving this morning to drive over and run in the Open race to be held on Saturday (at their own – or should I say, their parents’ – expense). Unfortunately, Nike does not have a webcast of this race. I’m sure they would all love to receive words of encouragement via text sometime during their 13 hour drive over today and tomorrow. My husband, Brandon, the Creels and Coach Hickman are taking them in two vehicles. Coach May is flying over tomorrow morning (Friday) and driving back with them Sat/Sun.

    Coach May says the competition, even in the Open Race, will be good. It is the team’s hope that they can show Nike that the Northwest should get a little more consideration for at-large bids in the future. If all the girls have a great day, they may be able to prove themselves. Caroline is still getting over yet another cold and Michelle has been in PT for some Achilles’ pain. Andie, Bridget and Katie all seem to be ready to go and I think Michelle and Caroline have one last race in them for the season. We will see on Saturday how the results and times shake out and, hopefully, be able to figure where the team would have fallen had they been in the actual competition. Maybe the girls just need one last weekend away….they were very sad that Brigid Bradshaw (basketball) and Beth Jansma (cheerleading) weren’t able to join them. Unfortunately, the XC season must end sometime. I think Caroline would prefer it went year-round!

    Wishing you all a very happy holiday season! I will post again how the girls did on Saturday or Sunday when I hear from those who are in Portland.

  4. I know I am behind the 8 ball on messages, but I had over 800 emails backed up since we have been moving. First thought, our girls and boys have nothing to be down about, in my opinion……what awesome seasons they both had this year. Both winning state again, the girls and boys kicking butt in Spokane and Helena! Yeah, Boise was a weird day for any of us there. The kids ran in slow motion, in my opinion. A few runners had awesome days, but the majority of the kids were not on their game! Life throws us curve balls every once in awhile, and ours was regional for both teams.
    I am thankful for the parents, Brandon and Scott and Nancy, and coaches, Steve and Clint and Scott’s Dad, Roger, for driving the girls all the way to Portland this weekend to the open race at Nike Nationals. The girls had a great race, from all reports, and all are coming home healthy……now it is time to rest those little bodies. It has been a long……long…..season, and a very rewarding season in so many ways. Next years team will be starting to re-build in the summer, and others will move onto college and new experiences with other teams. I am so thankful for the friends, memories, and life long experiences that we have made out of this group….I am speaking for Michelle and I, what a great experience the Bozeman High Cross Country team has given us. Thank you…..Patty and Michelle Cline,

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