Practice at Regional Park

Hi Team,

Practice tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM has been moved to the Regional Park off of Oak Street.  The trails and sidewalks in that area are fairly clear, so the running will be much better for us.

Thanks team and see you in the morning!

Coach Casey


Winter Training Week 6

Hi Team,

With no school tomorrow we will be meeting at 9:00 AM at BHS.  For Tuesday we will meet at Kagy Corner Store for a in-town trail run.  Please find below the Week 6 Winter training.  Also, can you all re-visit the Simplot Sign-Up and fill in your grade and PR for the event you wish to run. (its in the previous post).  Very much appreciated.

Week 6 Winter Training 

I will have all the trip details posted this week for the upcoming Simplot trip in Feb.


Coach Casey

Practice Monday and Tuesday

Hi Team,

Practice on Monday and Tuesday will be at 9:00 AM.  Monday we will meet at BHS, Tuesday I am hoping to run a trail but that depends on weather.  We might meet at Gallatin Gateway and run Axtel Road.  We will discuss this on Monday.

Also, if you can help spread the word to parents interested in volunteering to drive to Pocatello I have added a sign-up on the same athlete sign-up in the previous post.  I will have most all of the details for the trip completed by tomorrow.  If you have not signed up, but plan on going can you please add your name to the list.

Thanks team and see you on Monday at 9:00 AM at BHS.

Coach Casey

Winter Training Week 5

Hi Team,

We sure hope you had a great weekend!  Practice on Monday will be at 4:00 PM at BHS.  We will have a quick TEAM MEETING before we run, so even if you do not plan to run please attend the 4 PM meeting!

We are starting to plan the Simplot Games weekend, so if you plan to attend can you please sign-up below.

Training Plan:

Week 5 Winter Training

Simplot Games Sign-Up

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Winter Training Week 3

Hi Team,

We hope you have had a great Holiday Season and are ready to kick off the New Year.

Lets plan on our first team run tomorrow (Thursday), at BHS at 4 PM.  Below is next weeks training plan.  For this week we will finish out your mileage, and before the run discuss details of the winter training plans.

Spread the word and look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow!

Week 3 Winter Training

Winter Training Week 2

Hi Team,

Sorry this is so late this week, but here is Week 2 of our Winter Training.  In these build-up weeks its important not to jump back with increasing mileage too quickly.  Remember to take your time and be patient. Also, keeping it consistent day to day is also key, or if you miss a day do not double your mileage for the next day, just simply keep with the progression.

I will have a group running calendar put together with meeting times.  These will start just after you return to school from your Holiday break.

Winter Training Week 2

Happy Holidays!

Coach Casey

Updated Strength Routine

Hi Team,

Below you will find the updated strength program for this winter training session.  When starting this routine please make sure to take your time.  Everything should be nice and controlled.  Work yourself into this program slowly (ie 1 set for your first time).

Strength Training Routine

If you have any questions on this routine feel free to message me via Remind App.

Thanks Team!

Winter Training Week 1

Hi Team,

I hope you all have enjoyed some well deserved time-off and rest.  We are slowly moving into our Winter Training and I put together a quick outline of what your first week should look like.

Lets make sure that we work back into training gradually, as to avoid any injury.  NXN runners, you are still on rest for this week, and if you need another week that is completely okay too.

All of these runs will be done on our own until after the Holidays.  Once you all return to school we will organize some runs together as a group.

Winter Training Week 1

Thanks everyone and we will be in touch shortly.

Coach Casey


Post NXN Race Video

The Bozeman girls after their 5th place finish at NXN race:

Not only are they tough competitors but also supportive, close teammates who represented Bozeman very well.

Not on the video but definitely deserving of recognition is Duncan Hamilton who had a stellar 11th place finish.

Congratulations to the runners!!

Links to the Livefeed for NXN

First off, Congratulations to all 8 athletes who have qualified for NXN this year. The girls team won the Northwest regional to join 21 other teams to compete in Portland. This is the 5th time the girls team has been at NXN. Camila Noe led the team with a first place finish at the regional setting the course record in Boise. Duncan Hamilton took second at the Northwest regional to join 44 other individuals from across the country that join the teams for individual honors. It is the first time an individual has represented Bozeman at NXN.

Click here for the Live Feed which starts at 10:30 Bozeman Time.

Click here for the Live Results which run parallel to the Live Feed.


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