Cross Country Sign Up

Hi Team,

This is a friendly reminder to make sure you all are getting signed up for XC. Please see below for instructions:

Bozeman High Activities


Monday August 15th – First day of official practice @ BHS Track – 7:30 AM

Saturday August 20th – Team Time Trial and Run with the Hawks

Run with the Hawks Registration is now LIVE! Please help spread the word:

Run with the Hawks Registration

See you tomorrow at practice ***please note we will have a girls team meeting after the workout***

Week 8 Training Plan

Hello Team,

Please see below for week 8 of our XC Training Plan.

This week we will be meeting at the Kagy Corner Store at 7:30 AM. Workouts are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.

Week 8 Training Plan

Thanks so much team and see you tomorrow morning.

HARC Camp + Payment

Hello Team,

Please see below for the tentative schedule for HARC. I will make sure to update this tonight.

Total Cost: $170

HARC Schedule

Please be prepared for tubing, zip lining, running, and more! Should be a blast!

Please chat with your parents and they can pay the following ways:

Check – Please make check payable to: Bozeman Distance Project

Venmo – @Casey-Jermyn

We are still planning for a 2 PM depart from BHS tomorrow (no morning practice), but please come dressed ready to run.

Thanks so much,

Coach Casey and Coach Ellie


Hello Team,

We are getting closer to HARC Camp this year. Before we make the journey out to YAA please make sure of the following.

  1. Pack List – please see below for the recommended packing list for the camp
  2. Sign Waivers – we sent them home with you today, and they are available below as well

Packing List:

Sleeping bag 

Tents /hammocks 

Sleeping pads 


Running gear



Water shoes/Sandals 

Swim suits

Warm clothes

Running hydration pack/bottles

Water bottle 

Head lamp 


Bug spray 

Camp Waiver

Team Practice Tomorrow at 7:30 AM at Sacajawea Middle School

Hello Team,

So sorry for the late post, we literally just pulled back into Bozeman from the Headwaters Relay! Long off-grid weekend at its best.

Practice this week will be at 7:30 AM at Sacajawea Middle School (meet in the North Parking Lot).

I haven’t updated the training plan, but I will do that tomorrow when I am a little less tired :).

I apologize my phone has found its way to the inside of my truck dashboard, if you are need to reach me the best way is by email:

Hopefully I can find a way to fish this thing out tomorrow. What are the odds?

Thanks so much team and see you bright and early tomorrow.

HARC Camp Details and Volunteers

Hello Team and Parents,

Our plans for the 2022 HARC Camp are coming together. Please see the link below for the details of the Camp. It will be taking place at YAA up South Cottonwood this year. We have some super fun activities planned…zip line! capture the flag! river float! and your favorite…lots of running!!!

Coach Ellie and I do need some help shuttling kiddos around, running the through runs with the team, and camp cooks. If anyone would like to volunteer please see the volunteer signup below.

If you have not signed up for camp yet, please do so by this THURSDAY so we can accurately plan(see below):



If you can assist us at all please see the volunteer list below:


I will continue to update these documents as we get more details, and we look forward to an awesome HARC Camp this year!


Coach Casey and Coach Ellie

Week 6 Cross Country 2022!

Hello Team,

This upcoming week we will be meeting at MSU (please park back by the track, and we will run from there).

Monday – Thursday @ 7:30 AM

We have a workout scheduled for Wednesday and a progression run on Saturday. ***If you are running in the Headwaters Relay, please easy run all week and after the weekend plan on two days of rest***

Week 6 Cross Country Training Plan

HARC Camp:

Coach Ellie and I are meeting this week to get a “formal” schedule put together and we will share more information with you by this week. If you have not signed up yet and plan to attend please visit the link below and sign up.

HARC Camp Signup

Thanks so much team and see you all tomorrow morning!


HARC Camp Signup

Hi Team,

We have officially secured our HARC Camp: August 4th – 6th @ YAA (S. Cottonwood).

We have a great camp in store for all of you:

  • Zip Lining
  • Floating
  • Trail Running
  • Movie Nights
  • And more running….

If you can attend HARC please fill in the form below, and we will get to work finalizing all the details.


Thanks so much team and see you tomorrow at 7:30 AM @ Lindley Park for a little workout!

Practice on Monday at 7:30 AM @ Lindley Park

Hello Team,

Yes, you read that correctly…we are moving practice to 7:30 AM moving forward.

This week we will meet at Lindley Park under the pavilion. See below for a link to our XC training plan.

BHS XC Training Plan

Thanks so much team and see you in the morning at Lindley Park!

Practice Reminder

Hello Team,

This is a friendly reminder that we have practice tomorrow at 8:00 AM in the small field behind the Kagy Corner store.

Please be on time. We will have a quick team meeting to discuss training levels and plan.

Thank you all so much and see you in the morning.

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