Practice Schedule

Hi Team,

Please see below for this weeks training plan.  Sorry for the late notice, but we will be meeting at the MSU fields this morning at 7:30 AM.  Here is the upcoming week as well:

Monday – MSU fields

Tuesday – Lindley Park (by the covered shell)

Wednesday – East Gallatin Rec (Bozeman Beach)

Thursday – Sourdough Canyon Trail

Week 3 Training Schedule 

Thanks Team!

Coach Casey


Practice Schedule

Hi Team,

Please see below for this weeks schedule of meeting times/places.

Tuesday – @ 7:30 AM. Lindley Park (near the covered shell)

Wednesday – @ 7:30 AM. East Gallatin Rec Area or Bozeman Beach

Thursday – @ 7:30 AM. South Cottonwood Trailhead.  Please make plans to carpool and save your parents the drive.

Thanks team and see you tomorrow at Lindley Park.

Coach Casey

Week 2 Practice Schedule

Hi Team,

Please see below for the Week 2 Practice schedule.  Tomorrow we will meet at the MSU fields at 7:30 AM.

Week 2 Practice Schedule

Thanks so much and see you in the morning!

Coach Casey

Practice Schedule

Hi Team,

Please see below for some of the details of this weeks practice Schedule.

Tuesday @ 7:30 AM – East Gallatin Rec Area (Bozeman Beach)

Wednesday @ 7:00 AM – M Parking Lot (please park on other side of Bridger Canyon Dr, near the Drinking Horse side).  With the 4th of July being on this day, its okay if you have family commitments.

Thursday @ 6:30 PM – Again with the 4th of July we will be meeting in the EVENING on Thursday for those traveling back to town.  We will meet @ Kagy Korner Store (Right behind it, in the little grass area).

Thanks so much team and see you tomorrow at the East Gallatin Rec Area!

Coach Casey


Practice on Monday

Hi Team,

Just a quick reminder that we are having practice tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM at the MSU fields.

See you all then!

Coach Casey

Training Schedule Summer Week 1

Hi Team,

Please visit the link below for the Week 1 of our Summer Training.  I hope you guys have a great weekend and Monday we will meet at 7:30 AM at the MSU Practice Fields!  Great news, I was able to get back to Bozeman in time and will be at practice on Monday to run with you guys!

Week 1 Summer Training

Thanks team and see you all on Monday!

Coach Casey

Team Practice

Hi Team,

Thank you so much for a great camp this past weekend! The team results are in and see below for your scores.

9.  Team 3 with 21 points

8.  Team 7 with 23 points

7.  Team 1 with 24 points

6.  Team 8 with 25 points

5.  Team 4 with 27 points

4 and 3.  Team 9 and Team 2 with 38 points

2. Team 5 with 39 points

1.  Team 6 and the WINNER with 43 points

Remember practice is at 7:30 AM tomorrow at the MSU Practice fields.  See you then.

Coach Casey

Camp Volunteers

Hi Parents and Friends of BHS XC,

Our Hyalite Camp is fast approaching and as of now we have over 50 kids signed up.  Its shaping up to be a great camp, and I could use a few lending hands to bring this all together smoothly.

If you can lend a hand that would be tremendous.  I have put together a sign-up listed here:

Hyalite Camp Volunteer 

If you have any questions please feel free to call anytime.

Thank you so much,

Coach Casey

Hyalite Camp Details

Hello Team,

Please visit this link for all the up-to-date information on the upcoming Hyalite Camp. Things might change slightly, but this will be the majority of the schedule.

If you haven’t signed up for the camp please do so here:

Hyalite Camp Sign-Up

Here is the Camp Information

Hyalite Camp Information

Thanks so much team and GO HAWKS!!!

Coach Casey

School of the Year


And now, BHS is named 406mtsports School of the Year!! There is mention of the xc team in the article.

Go Hawks!!

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