Congratulations to Coach Casey!

Here is the HUGE announcement that came out today. Casey is not only the Montana Coach of the Year Boys & Girls, but NOW the USTFCCCA NATIONAL Boys XC coach of the year!!!

National Pics and Jersey on Display

The signed Nike Cross National Championships jersey is in place at Bozeman Running Club to share our team’s excitement and achievement with the entire Bozeman Community. Check it out!”


xc naties.png

Post-Race Thanks


I grew up watching inspirational sports movies (seriously, my mom doesn’t like animated films and this is what she’d watch with my siblings and me). Maybe as a result, it took me a while to process the outcome of the Nationals Race with the boys winning and the girls taking 8th (which in sum makes our program the strongest in the country this year). As I reflect, I realize there are a lot of “Thank Yous” to go around.

I first want to thank the Junior Varsity runners. Your support through texts to teammates, presence at the airport, attendance at the welcome held at the high school, and cheers during the parade were appreciated by your varsity teammates. It was great to see you support each other and be proud to be a part of this team.

I want to thank all runners for your hard work, dedication, and humor. Thank you for trusting and communicating with your coaches, for trusting and working together with your teammates.

I also want to thank all parents. Thank you for supporting your children in their athletics –  taking them to PT appointments, feeding them healthy foods, supporting them through aches and pains and celebrating their successes. Thank you for supporting your children outside of athletics – raising hardworking, caring, respectful young adults. Thank you for your support of the program, be that through fundraising, hosting meals, cooking, helping with rides, taking photographs, bringing supplies, letting coaches know about important things, arranging parades, posting information online when I’ve fallen through, and your presence.

I want to also thank the school and the administration, through their support of the team, their recognition of it’s success at the school board meeting and by organizing a welcome at the high school.

Runners, I hope that you recognize the incredible support system that you have. You have teammates that have a shared vision of the team but that contribute in varied ways. You have parents and community members and teachers that assist, in many ways, your hard work. You have coaches (I count 9 over the past four years!) that work together to help you develop as runners and young adults.

The 2016 cross country season has been quite a season. Thank you all.

XC Parade!

The Nike National Runners will leave BHS tomorrow at 4:00pm and will travel east down Main Street on a flatbed following the fire truck. Spread the word and come cheer for them along the way!

Come to BHS today to welcome home our 1st place boys and 8th place girls

From Jerry Reisig:

Congratulations Kids and Parents. The Girls 8th place finish is wonderful and the Boys Championship is beyond Wonderful.

We plan on having cookies and snacks at the South Cafeteria tomorrow around 1:00pm to welcome home the Teams. Please join us.

And your National Champions are the Bozeman Hawk Boys Team

Huge congrats–Boys win and the girls place 8th. What a year. Go to for complete results.

Week of 11/28 – 12/4

Our final week of cross country!

This week: Weekly Training Schedule (you must log in with your bsd7 email to view).

Monday  – meet at BHS at 4 PM.

Tuesday – meet at BHS at 4 PM.

Wednesday – meet at BHS at 4 PM.

Thursday – Meet at Bozeman Airport at 5 AM. Please pack your bag to be a carry on ( carry on size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or 56 x 35 x 23 cm). You may want to pack a breakfast. Once we arrive to Portland, all food is covered by Nike.

Saturday – Supporters who are not watching in Portland can watch the race online. The webcast starts at 9:30 PCT.

10:05 am: Girls’ Championship Race
11:35 am: Boys’ Championship Race

Sunday – Arrive in Bozeman at 12:40.


Congratulations runners! This was a successful weekend on many levels. Both boys and girls teams are Northwest Champions, for the first and third time respectively. Both boys and girls teams are headed to Portland for Nike Nationals, for the second and fourth time respectively. The j.v. teams competed in the Open Invitational #1 (largely consisting of other teams’ varsity runners) and represented their teams well. Our j.v. girls won the race. Quite a few runners ran PR’s, which on this tough course, is quite impressive. Lots of fun had, including a dance party in a rural Idaho gas station parking lot.  Results here.

With our varsity team moving on to NXN Nationals, our 7 member varsity teams will continue training for three more weeks.

This week: Weekly Training Schedule (you must log in with your bsd7 email to view). Note that practice times are starting at 3:50 due to the early sunset.

Monday  – No practice. Enjoy an afternoon to yourself – get your work taken care of and get a good night of sleep.

Tuesday – meet at BHS at 3:50 PM. Please talk with your families about Thanksgiving plans – we’d like know who will be around next week while we schedule the workouts.

Wednesday – meet at BHS at 3:50 PM.

Thursday – meet at BHS at 3:50 PM.

Friday – meet at BHS at 3:50 PM.

Saturday – meet at TBD at TBD.

*updated the number of times the girls have won.

Wednesday 11/9

Tomorrow’s practice will start at 4:45. You’ll begin at 4:45 with a warm up and then we will meet on the track to do the washer-workout under the lights. It’s a fairly quick workout so you’ll probably be done by 6.

If you haven’t done so, please have your teachers sign your activities pink sheets.

As you pack in preparation for the trip, please keep in mind that we have a very full bus. 56 seats and 56 bodies. Certainly pack what you may need, but there is no need to pack all the clothes you own. 🙂

State runners: Meet at 4:15 at the vault for photos.

Week of 11/7 – 11/13

Parents who drove/cooked/volunteered on Saturday – Thank you! The run was fun and we really could not have done it without you. Runners – please thank your parents for everything that they do for you (regardless of if they drove).

This week: Weekly Training Schedule (you must log in with your bsd7 email to view). Now that  Daylight’s Savings has ended, we are going to do our very best to start running as soon as possible so that we are done running before it gets dark.

Monday  – meet at East Gallatin Rec. at 4:10 PM. Please bring a watch – this is a minutes workout. We will get the workout started as soon as possible. The workout will be over at about 5:20. It gets dark around 5:30, so please let your ride know.

Tuesday – meet at BHS at 4 PM.

Wednesday – meet at BHS at 4 PM.

Thursday – Leave BHS at 12:30. We will stop en route to Pocatello for an easy run.

Friday – Drive to Boise. Preview course.

Saturday – Race at NXN regionals. The schedule is as follows:

9:10 a.m. Open & Citizen men & women 5K
9:45 a.m. Grade School & Middle School boys & girls 3K
10:15 a.m. Girls Rising Star 5K
10:55 a.m. Boys Rising Star 5K section #1
11:30 a.m. Boys Rising Star 5K section #2
12:10 p.m. Girls Open Invitational 5K section #1
12:45 p.m. Girls Open Invitational 5K section #2
1:20 p.m. Boys Open Invitational 5K section #1
1:50 p.m. Boys Open Invitational 5K section #2
2:20 p.m. Girls Team Championship Introductions and National Anthem
2:30 p.m. Girls Championship Race 5K
3:00 p.m. Boys Championship Team Introductions
3:05 p.m. Boys Championship Race 5K

We’ll know later this week which Open Invitational race our JV runners are racing in. After the awards ceremony we will drive back to Pocatello.

Sunday – Drive back to Bozeman. We’ll likely arrive between noon and 1 pm.



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