Soda Springs, ID:

Girls Team–            Boys Team

Piper                      Chase

Camila                    Riley
Lucy                       Caleb
Phoebe                   Duncan
Kenenni                  Orrin
Kyle                       Lee
Marley                    Andrew
Brianna                   Dylan
Laina                      Simon
Elsa                       Bryce
Bridget                   Lucas
Kenzie                   Renn
Haiden                   Casey
Kate                      Luke

Tyler                      Seth

Billings Invitational:

Girl’s Team                       Boys Team
Zoe                                 Max S.
Nicole                             Sterling
Allison                            Carl
Molly                              Nick
Violet                             Josh
Lizzy                             Sam
Mae                               Bobby
Sarah                             Braden
Libby                              Mac
Margaret                         Alex
Kylie                              Henry
Delaney                         Carsten
                                    Jack A.
                                    Ian N.

                                    Ian B.


Times from the time trial will be discussed at practice on Wednesday.  Details about each meet will be available by the end of Wednesday.  For simple pre-planning purposes, just know that Billings is at noon on Friday and Soda Springs is on Saturday morning.

Patience Please

Congratulations to everyone who ran the time trial today!  The coaches wanted to let you know that the results are on hold and they appreciate your patience. Stay tuned :)

Dinner Friday Night in Soda Springs

For any parents who are attending the Soda Springs meet this weekend, a group of people are getting together for dinner Friday night in Pocatello at Portneuf Valley Brewing at 7pm (see link below for more information). The Brewery is kid and family friendly and is one of Trip Advisors top recommendations to eat in Pocatello. Plus it will be fun to get to know everyone! Please come if you can. Also, please text Sarah Allen if you are able to attend so the proper reservations can be made. (406) 589 6475.
Portneuf Valley Brewing – Pocatello’s Only Brewpub

Portneuf Valley Brewing, offering hand-crafted beer, food and live music and entertainment to Pocatello, Idaho and surrounding area.
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PLEASE remember, the time trial will take place on Tuesday at the LDS Church.  Students should plan to check with Coach Hickman at 4:10.  Warm-up will begin promptly at 4:15.

(Do not go to Lindley Park on Tuesday)

Week #3

Week #3

Monday  —  First day of School.  Meet at BHS, near Main St. entrance (likely moving our meeting to Senior hall), 4:00pm.  Workout for the day will be somewhere in the Easy – Moderate level.  We will conclude practice with warm-up check-outs and a team picture.  Plan on practice possibly going until 6:30.  Bring water.  Bring a lock for athletic locker.

Tuesday  —  Meet at Lindley Park, 4:10pm.  Arrange rides (many upper classroom will have extra seatbelts; sometimes parents like to transport, meeting in the Arby’s parking lot.  This will be a challenging workout.  Be prepared; fueled properly, growth mind-set, bring water.  Gear orders due this day.

Wednesday  —  Meet at BHS, 4:00.  Recovery run.  Finish uniforms, prep for up-coming meets.

Thursday  —  Meet at BHS, 4:00.  For those going to Billings, this is pre-meet.  For those going to Soda Springs, this will be hill work in Lindley Park (warming up from BHS).

Friday  —  Billings Invite.  Out of school:  12:10.  Depart:  12:30.  Race details to be forthcoming.  Should be back in Bozeman by 9pm.

Cardinal Classic (Soda Springs).  Out of School:  After 3rd period.  Depart:  10:40.  Race details to be forthcoming.

Saturday  —  For all who either competed in Billings, or who were just short on attendance, training is on your own, looking to weekly mileage to be your guide.

Remember:  Bring lock ASAP.  Also, Gear Orders are due by 12:00 noon on Tuesday.


Bozeman Running Company (126 E Main Street) is having Shoe Night for the team this Thursday, August 27th at 6:15pm.

This week ….. Week #2

New PRACTICE TIMESPlan for2 hours each day.

Monday  —   Meet at BHS, Main St. Entrance, 4:15pm.  Moderate level workout. Bring water.

Tuesday  —  Meet at LDS church, 4:15pm.  Be prepared for a more challenging workout.  All Levels meet at the church; levels 3-5 will be doing a tempo run. Bring water.

(2915 Colter Ave, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

Wednesday  —  Meet at Sourdough Canyon Trlhd. 4:15pm.(offf of Nash Rd.)  Distance day.  Bring water.

Thursday  —  Meet at LDS church. 4:15pm. Time trial preview, run at an easy pace.  Bring water.

Friday  —  Meet at LDS church. 4:15pm.  Time trial.  Bring water.  Parents are both welcome and encouraged to come.  This is   our red/black day.

Saturday  —  Meet at Lindley Park.  9:30am.  “Run With The Hawks”.  Fun run with the community followed by light breakfast.


It’s not too late to support the 2015 Bozeman Hawks XC team! Sponsors will receive recognition at the Fun Run as well as on team posters that are placed around town.




Platinum=$501 and up

If interested, please contact Mindy at Donations are tax-deductible and will help the team offset expenses not covered by the district’s budget.  Spread the word!

Thank you

Week #1

This week in cross country-

Week #1­

Monday­­ Meet at BHS, Main Street entrance, 8:30am. Options CAR run, 3­ 4.5 ­6. Please

bring water. Be prepared for 2 hour practice each day.

Tuesday­­ Meet at BHS, same location, 8:30am. Team together run 2.5 miles. Tuesday

evening 7pm, ALL level 3,4,5 runners will meet at the “bears” for Tunnel vision run.

Wednesday­­ Meet OFF CAMPUS­­ level 1 runners­ meet at Drinking Horse Trail,

Level 2­-5 runners meet at East Gallatin Recreation Area. 8:30am.

Thursday­­ Meet at BHS, 8:30am. Team run 3 miles. ALL Level 3,4,5 runners, 7pm MSU


Friday­­ Meet at BHS 8:30am. Team run and team activity. Practice will go until 11:30am

Keeping you in the loop…..

Hello everyone!

Reminder: Sports packets due August 14th in the Activities Office

Also remember to sign up for the Sweet Pea race if you plan on racing.

Just a few updates to keep you well informed about the Sweet Pea Parade and 

Run with the Hawks

As noted in the previous post, Saturday, August 8th at 9:30am meet at the Northeast corner of the Food Co-op if you want to participate in the Sweet Pea Parade. Please wear

black and red cross country t-shirts, gear. If you would like to look

like a Hawk, please feel free to make wings, masks, etc. Sweet peas will

be provided, but you are welcome to make more if you would like. Bring

a scooter to ride if you want and a bag of candy to HAND to people as

you walk down Main Street. REMINDER: NO THROWING CANDY, just handing it

to spectators. There will be a large poster to carry informing the

community of the fun run fundraiser.

Also please remember to sign up for the Run with the Hawks fun run fundraiser on August 29th and invite your friends. The registration and race details can be found at

The race day registration starts at 9:00am and the race starts at 10:00am. Prizes, music, breakfast, and running with the amazing BHS Cross Country team all make for a super FUN run!

For the Run with the Hawks event, we are seeking raffle prizes. These prizes are small gifts for participants to choose from after the fun run if their name is drawn.

Participants in the fun run each get their name put in the raffle jar

and when the race is finished, we spread the prizes out. A name is drawn

from the raffle bucket and the winner can come choose whatever prize

they would like. In the past we have had water bottles, socks,

necklaces, gift cards, books, etc—nice gifts and even some regifting.

These don’t need to be expensive!!! Please let Mindy know if you have

something to bring ( and then bring when you come on race day.

Thank you!


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