Track Meet Canceled Today

The track meet today is canceled, but we will still have practice.

All runners that were to compete today will do the 800m/1600m workout.  1600m/3200m runners racing this weekend will run the tempo workout.

Thanks so much and see you guys at practice!

Coach Casey


Week 5 Track Training Plan/Meets

Hi Team,

See below for the upcoming weeks training plan.  We will have a distance meeting to discuss this week as we have a couple different meets going on. Those kids traveling to Butte on Friday please plan on NOT competing on Tuesday, but we will have a planned workout.  Seniors, we will still have the recognition and will cover those details with Coach Fisher at tonights practice.  Please remind your parents that this will take place early Friday afternoon.

VARSITY TRAVEL RUNNERS – Please meet with Coach Casey before your run today to discuss the next 3-4 competition meet plans.

Week 5 Track Training  (Tab over to Week 5)

Thank you team and see you at practice.

Coach Casey

Week 4 Track Training

Hi Team,

We are looking forward to a great meet tomorrow and the chance to finally get to race.

Below is the week 4 training plan, please tab over to “Week 4”.  This week we are increasing our mileage just slightly.

Week 4 Training Plan 

Thanks so much team and we will see you tomorrow!  GO HAWKS!

Coach Casey

Track Practice

Hi Team,

With another meet being canceled due to weather we will have practice instead.

The team is meeting at 8:00 AM at BHS.  Everyone will be doing the Michigan workout.  Please see below:

Open 400 @ 1600 Pace

Tempo Mile

800m @ 5K Race Pace

Tempo Mile

Finish 400 @ 1600 Pace

Thanks team and I look forward to catching up on Monday.  At this point it is TBD if the meet can be re-scheduled for Tuesday.  We will keep you posted.

Have a great weekend!

Coach Casey


Track Meet is Cancelled

Hi Team,

I just got the final word that the meet tomorrow is cancelled.  I will adjust the workout plan accordingly.

Practice is still scheduled tonight.  See you then.

Coach Casey

Track Training Week 3

Hi Team,

Please see below for the upcoming weeks training plan.  Please click over to Week 3.  For the Arcadia athletes please see the tab to the right.  We will see you all at practice tonight and if you have any questions please let me know.

Week 3 Track Training

For Tuesday’s upcoming home track meet please see below for your 4 X 400 teams.

Home Meet 4 X 400 Teams

Go Haws!

Coach Casey

Summer XC Camps

Hi Team,

Track is in full swing, but its never to early to start thinking of summer xc.  Below are a few details on the upcoming summer camps.

Hyalite Camp – June 23rd – 26th

HARC Camp – TBD (I am tentatively thinking Aug 18th – 20th)

Thanks so much team and have a great weekend!

Coach Casey

Tuesday’s Practice

Hi Team,

Tuesday’s practice we are doing a team workout during practice.  This workout will be with the entire track team and consist of ten different stations. For the distance kids here are the options for the tempo workout around the team workout.

  1. If you DO NOT have a 7th period, please meet at the track at 2:50 PM. (or as soon as we can).  We will start the workout and be finished right as practice starts.
  2. I will stay after practice is finished and we can start the workout at 6 PM.  We will have plenty of light and will do the tempo run on the mile loop near the track
  3. If you can’t make either of those work that is totally okay.  You can just participate in the team workout during practice.

If you have a 7th period you must attend and will NOT be excused.  Option 1 is only for the kids that don’t have a 7th period.

Thanks team and see you tomorrow!

Coach Casey

Track Training Week 2

Hi Team,

Please see below for week 2 of track training.  You will have to scroll over to the second tab.  We will discuss this week at practice today.

Week 2 Track Training

Also, please visit this link below for a goals sheet.  Please fill this out and have this at practice on Wednesday.

Track Goals 2018

Thanks team and see you at practice today!

Coach Casey

Track is BACK!

Hi Team,

Today is the first day of BHS Track!  Below is our first weeks training.  We will have a distance meeting after the team meeting with Coach Fischer, and we will discuss the training program, levels, season details, etc.

Week 1 Track Training 

QUICK NOTE:  Make sure you have signed up for Track with Patty in the activities office!

Thanks team and looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon.

Happy Running,

Coach Casey


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