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All athletes, parents and other interested community members are welcome to the Meet & Greet on Wednesday, June 29 at 5:00pm to 6:00pm in the North cafeteria at BHS.


Reunion/Farewell info

Dear XC  Friends,

Here is the  information and link to sign up for the Reunion/Farewell To Coach May:


June 22 Hike Photos

More on getting the word out-

Hello again:)

Thank you to everyone who has written letters, attended meetings, and shown support for the cross country program during these last two weeks. The sad reality of Coach May’s departure is sinking in and we have the difficult task of replacing a coach we admire and respect.

To help spread the word far and wide, Nancy Tanner has shared the following with us:

I am sending this to you all and you can forward to the bigger group if you would like, I don’t have that e-mail list.
I have contacted over 12 coaching organizations (HS, COLLEGE, and BEYOND), and xc coaches specifically, and two professional athletes that assistant coach in their spare time.
 The 100% consensus, so far is ‘Yes I will post on our site, forward your e-mail, BUT if there is no job attached, there is going to be a small pool to choose from”.
I will continue to contact organizations, speak with other coaches, and hope you all do the same. 
In the previous post, if you missed it, Scott Rosenzweig supplied a link for the job posting and a brief description of the team.

Job Posting

Here is information just in from Scott Rosenzweig… he thought perhaps others could share this if they have ideas on where else it could be posted around the state/country.

Mr. Michelotti: Thank you for posting this coaching position; I am supplying the information referenced on your page here
Job Posting:
Head Boys and Girls Cross Country Coach
Bozeman High School, Bozeman, MT
Posted June 8, 2016
Closing Date: Open Until Filled (applications by June 23, 2016)
Contact: Athletic Director, Jerry Reisig, tel: (406) 522-6237 and
Bozeman High School, in beautiful Bozeman Montana, is home to the reigning 10-time Girls and 9-time Boys Montana State Champions. In 2015 both the boys (8th) and girls (19th) teams qualified for Nike Cross Nationals, and graduated only one senior between them. The cross country team had more than 100 runners overall in 2015. The school, parents and community are very supportive of the cross country program. The team trains year round, participates in regional meets, and has organized and attended running camps.
Teaching jobs are available at Bozeman High and can be found here:



Dear Cross Country Families,

To honor Coach May and to bid him and his family farewell,  there will be a reunion at the Lindley pavilion from 5:00 to 10:00pm on July 24th.

Set up will begin at 3:30pm. Please watch for a link to Sign Up Genius and more information on planning for this reunion.

Correction on the meeting location for Wednesday, June 15‏

Dear Parents,

I am responding to those who indicated an interest to attend a special meeting to discuss concerns regarding the cross country program.  I realize there may be others beyond those who responded and may be interested in attending, so I appreciate your help in getting the word out to others.
We are meeting at the Willson building at noon on Wednesday, June 15.
We were scheduled to meet in the upstairs library, but I realized this morning that there is a conflict with a meeting that has already been advertised for that space.  So our meeting location will be on the first floor in the school board meeting room.
Also, I have received requests from several parents about allowing their student athletes to attend. I would welcome the opportunity for students to attend if they are available.  I did not want anyone to assume that they could not be there – it is an open meeting for anyone to attend.  My purpose of mentioning the team captains in my original invite was to make sure we had representation from the leadership of the team.
Thanks again in advance for your attendance and I look forward to the discussion on Wednesday.
Rob Watson

Robert J. Watson, Ed.D.
Bozeman School District #7
404 West Main
Bozeman, MT  59715
406-522-6001 (main office)
406-522-6065 (fax)

More important meeting information- please read!

Dear Athletes and parents,
Please email letters stating concerns over the cross-country program and list qualities you would like to see in a new cross country head coach to the administrative e-mails listed below.;;;

Reminder for this week:


Monday June 13th 6-9pm

BSD7 Board Meeting

Willson Board Room #122, 404 West Main


There is NO XC business on the Board Agenda, so there will be no discussion of XC or Hiring Practices at BHS at the Board Meeting. At least one person (not a parent of a current runner) will make a statement regarding the hiring processes at BHS to the board during the Public Participation period at Monday’s Board meeting. This person believes it will send a message if a number of XC runners and parents are there to lend silent support at the meeting.

Wednesday June 15th Noon

Special Parents Meeting with Rob Watson, Jerry Reisig, Kevin Conwell and Pat Strauss (HR director), School Board Chair and Vice Chair

Willson upstairs Library

RSVP to Rob Watson if you would like to attend.

From the informal Parent’s meeting at the Hamilton’s Friday evening, topics that will be given attention at the meeting will include:

1) Hiring of the new coach

2) Appropriate XC meets and events(including out of state meets, Regionals, etc.)

3) Fundraising

Meeting tonight

In addition to the meeting on June 15th (detailed in previous post), there is a meeting  tonight at the Hamilton’s  (520 East Curtiss @7:30pm). This meeting is for anyone who would like to discuss and organize ideas to be presented at the June 15th meeting and to brainstorm fundraising ideas for the upcoming season.

Jill’s cell:   209-1418

Letter from Rob Watson

Dear Parents,

I have spoken with a number of you either on the phone or over email. Thanks again for writing letters or calling me to discuss your concerns about the cross country program.

As you may be aware, some parents had expressed a desire to attend the Board meeting next Monday to talk with the school board. The public is always welcome to do so. There is a public comment time during every board meeting However this issue is not on the agenda and the Board is not allowed to engage in a discussion as per the state open meeting law. This can be frustrating for the person providing comments and for the Board members who would like to respond.

I have spoken to our board chair and vice chair and they would be willing to attend a special meeting with interested parents next Wednesday (June 15) at noon. We will host the meeting here at the Willson building in the upstairs library. I will also ask Jerry Reisig, Kevin Conwell and Pat Strauss (our HR director) to be present at the meeting. I anticipate this meeting will be a better way to engage in a productive and meaningful discussion as well as give feedback to the leadership of our school board. It may take more than one meeting but at least we can start the discussion.

The purpose of the meeting would be for us to listen to parent concerns and answer any questions that we can answer. Please realize that we are somewhat limited in what we can say as the issue involves a confidential personnel process, but we can at least give some general info and hear your concerns.

The secondary purpose would be to discuss the process that we will use to find a new head coach. We have drafted a plan and we want your input on that plan. I also know there are some concerns about changes to the program and we want to hear those as we move forward to find a new coach.

Other parents are more than welcome to attend, but I would ask that they send me an email with their intention to attend so that I can plan for enough space and set up the room appropriately.

I also know that the student athletes are interested in this process. I have heard from one of those students. I would ask that we limit the number of students at this time to team leaders/captains if possible. There will be other opportunities for students to be part of the process to hire a new coach. (And we can schedule a follow up meeting with the entire team if needed.)

I don’t mind if your forward this email to other interested parents, however I would just ask that they contact me over email or by phone if they plan to attend next Wednesday.

Please let me know if you have questions and thanks for your help in this process.

Rob Watson

Robert J. Watson, Ed.D.
Bozeman School District #7
404 West Main
Bozeman, MT 59715
406-522-6001 (main office)
406-522-6065 (fax)


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