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Fall 2017 Red Black @ 12:45 PM

Hi Team,

Please see below for the Red Black Schedule.  We will meet at 12:45 PM on Saturday to get lined up.  Please wear your BHS logo gear for this event.  Practice will be held that morning at East Gallatin Rec at 8:00 AM.

Fall 2017 red black


Your XC Coaches

XC Practice at BHS Oval 7:30 AM

Hi Team,

The official season begins tomorrow morning!!!  Below you will find the Week 1 outline.  If you have not completed your physical and turned in your activities paperwork you are not allowed to practice with the team.  However, that doesn’t mean you can not run :).

Week 1 Training

I am looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow morning!

Go Hawks!

HARC follow up

Sending a  HUGE Thank You to those who made HARC possible and successful.

Casey, Logan, Bret, Kris, Lydia, and Scott. You are the best!!!!! Thanks for making the camp so awesome.  🙂

August 9th – High School Fall Parents meeting 6:00pm – South Gym

Hi Parents,

Just a last minute reminder of the Fall Sports meeting tonight.  Also, if your son/daughter has not signed up for XC yet I would recommend doing that ASAP.

Thanks so much and I hope to see you tonight.

Coach Casey

HARC Camp Details

Hi Team,

We are just about ready to hit the old dusty trail to camp!  Please find below an updated schedule, food menu, pack list, and release waiver.  Please have the waiver signed before we ship out.

HARC Camp Iten

Camp Release Form

Camp Food Menu

Camp Packing List

Thanks everyone and see you guys at practice tomorrow at 7:00 AM at Kagy Corner Store.

Coach Casey


RWTH meeting

There will be a brief Run With The Hawks meeting after the fall sports meeting this Wednesday.

See you there!

August 9th – High School Fall Parents meeting 6:00pm – South Gym

Hello XC Parents,

This is just a friendly reminder that on the evening of August 9th the Fall Sports Parent meeting takes place.  I hope you all can make it.  I am looking forward to a crazy fun filled HARC Camp next week!

Coach Casey

August Training Plans

Hi Team,

Here are the August training plans up until season starts.  Notice the mileage this week is backed down just slightly in order to prep for a big week at HARC.  If you haven’t signed up already and are planning to attend, please sign-up here.

Level 5 

Level 4

Level 3

Level 1 & 2

Practice tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM will take place at the Triple Tree trailhead.

See you all then.

Coach Casey

2017 XC Sign-Up

Hi Team,

Here is the information packet for the Fall Sports sign up.  Lets start recruiting for the upcoming season!

Fall Sports Sign-Up

Go Hawks!

Coach Casey


2017 HARC Camp Details

Hi Team & Parents,

Below you will find all the information in regards to this year’s HARC Camp, August 10-12th, 2017.  The camp will take place at the Peninsula Campground near St. Regis & Plains, Montana (Coach’s hometown).  We put together some camp highlights that include trail running, river rafting, an ice cream social, and movie nights!

2017 HARC Itinerary & Cost Info

Camp Sign Up / Registration

Parent / Volunteer Sign Up

Please encourage your teammates to sign-up!

Practice tomorrow is at  7am at the Softball Complex off of Highland Blvd near the hospital.




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