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Simplot Details

Hi Team,

Please find below the details of this weekends trip.  Please read what to pack, as thats pretty important.

I will have the carpool lists and general idea of rooming lists put together today.

Simplot Details

See you all at practice today and stay warm!

Coach Casey



Winter Training Week 9 SIMPLOT GAMES

Hi Team,

Please see below for the winter training program for this week.

NOTE: If you are racing on THURSDAY for trials, you will follow the program and just easy run these next couple of days.

If you are running on Friday you will have a light workout on Tuesday.  Please check in with me at practice today.

Week 9 Training Schedule

I will have all the final details for the upcoming weekend posted tomorrow.  Thank you team and see you at 4 PM today.

Coach Casey

BTC All Comers Indoor Meet

Hi Team and Parents,

Just a quick reminder for those running this Sunday at the BTC Indoor meet, the 1600m race time has moved up and is the first running event at 11:30 AM.

I will get to the meet at 10:30 AM and find us a good spot to gather as a team.  I will have some light lunch snacks for us: bananas, granola bars, etc.

PARENTS: If any of you are interested in volunteering Chad and Dave could use some help in the distance events counting laps.  We are just going to meet at 11:00 AM at the finish line area to get instructions.  I am going to volunteer as well, this is great because then I have access to the ground floor ;).

Thank you all so much and see you Sunday at the BTC Indoor meet.

Coach Casey

Winter Training Week 8

Hi Team,

Here is the training schedule for Week 8.  We will talk tonight about kids that are competing vs just training this weekend.  See you guys at 4:00 PM for practice!

Week 8 Training 

Coach Casey

BTC All Comers

Hi Team,

I just got word from Dave this morning, and per this link I cant register more than 10 Athletes.

If you wish to run in this home meet please visit this link ASAP and get yourself registered.  So sorry for the late notice.

Home Indoor Meet Registration

I will have the training plans for this upcoming week posted very soon.

Thank you,

Coach Casey

Simplot Waiver

Hi Team,

I now have all of you entered onto our roster for Simplot.  If your name is missing please let me know ASAP.  Please visit this link below and sign your waiver.  This step must be done ASAP, as I can’t pay until EVERYONE has completed this step.

Here is our Team Info:

Team Name:  Bozeman Distance Project

Access Code: bozemanxc

Sign Waiver Form 

Thanks so much team and see you this afternoon!

Coach Casey

Week 7 Training and Simplot Info

Hi Team,

Below you will find the week 7 winter training schedule along with the information for Simplot.  Please share this with your parents and we will register as a team this week.  The cost of the trip includes the registration fees.  Practice tomorrow will be at 4:00 PM at BHS.

Week 7 Training Plan 

Simplot Cost and Info

Thanks so much team and see you all tomorrow!

Coach Casey

Practice at Regional Park

Hi Team,

Practice tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM has been moved to the Regional Park off of Oak Street.  The trails and sidewalks in that area are fairly clear, so the running will be much better for us.

Thanks team and see you in the morning!

Coach Casey

Winter Training Week 6

Hi Team,

With no school tomorrow we will be meeting at 9:00 AM at BHS.  For Tuesday we will meet at Kagy Corner Store for a in-town trail run.  Please find below the Week 6 Winter training.  Also, can you all re-visit the Simplot Sign-Up and fill in your grade and PR for the event you wish to run. (its in the previous post).  Very much appreciated.

Week 6 Winter Training 

I will have all the trip details posted this week for the upcoming Simplot trip in Feb.


Coach Casey

Practice Monday and Tuesday

Hi Team,

Practice on Monday and Tuesday will be at 9:00 AM.  Monday we will meet at BHS, Tuesday I am hoping to run a trail but that depends on weather.  We might meet at Gallatin Gateway and run Axtel Road.  We will discuss this on Monday.

Also, if you can help spread the word to parents interested in volunteering to drive to Pocatello I have added a sign-up on the same athlete sign-up in the previous post.  I will have most all of the details for the trip completed by tomorrow.  If you have not signed up, but plan on going can you please add your name to the list.

Thanks team and see you on Monday at 9:00 AM at BHS.

Coach Casey

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