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State Schedule


Hi Team, Parents, and Fans,

Here is the schedule of races for the State Meet taking place at Bill Roberts Golf Course this coming Saturday.

11:00 am A-Boys At conclusion, A boys’ individual awards
11:30 am B-Boys At conclusion, B boys’ individual awards
12:00 pm A-Girls At conclusion, A girls’ individual awards and A boys’/girls’ team trophies
12:35 pm B-Girls At conclusion, B girls’ individual awards and B boys’/girls’ team trophies
1:10 pm C-Boys At conclusion, C boys’ individual awards
1:40 pm AA-Boys At conclusion, AA boys’ individual awards
2:10 pm C-Girls At conclusion, C girls’ individual awards and C boys’/girls’ team trophies
2:45 pm AA-Girls At conclusion, AA girls’ individual awards and AA boys’/girls’ team trophies

The bus for Bozeman is scheduled to leave BHS at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.  We will return at the conclusion of the awards.

Thanks so much,

Your Coaches


Week 10 Training Plan – State Prep

Hi Team,

State week is upon us!  With this please make sure this week we are getting lots of rest, staying well hydrated, and stay focused on our goals.

Here is a our Week 10 Training Plan and practice tomorrow is at BHS.

Week 10 Training Plan 

Your Coaches

Training Schedule Week 9

Hi Team,

Below you will find a link to the week 9 training schedule.  Practice tonight will be at BHS @ 4 PM.  See you guys then.

Week 9 Training Schedule

Your Coaches

7 on 7 Pictures

Here are two links for the 7 on 7 pictures, courtesy of  David Madril. One is for JV and the other Varsity. If you see David, please thank him for sharing his gift.

2017 Helena 7×7 Varsity

2017 Helena 7×7 Junior Varsity


Helena 7 on 7

Hi Team/Friends/Family,

For Thursday’s meet we will DEPART at 8:50 AM.  All kids will be excused from school, and this even includes zero period.  If athletes want to attend zero period they are more than welcome too, but its not required.

Please pack LUNCH, and bring $5 for dinner (BHS XC will cover the remaining food cost for dinner).

With the current bus schedule we will have a long day, so please be prepared with extra dry clothes, gloves, and hats.  The weather is saying high of 54 and partly cloudy.

Here is the race schedule:


            11:30 a.m.                               Walk Course


            12:30 p.m.                               AA J.V. Girls


             1:05 p.m.                                AA J.V. Boys


             1:45 p.m.                                #7 Runners Boys & Girls


             2:15 p.m.                                #6 Runners Boys & Girls


             2:45 p.m.                                #5 Runners Boys & Girls


             3:15 p.m.                                #4 Runners Boys & Girls


             3:45 p.m.                                #3 Runners Boys & Girls


             4:15 p.m.                                #2 Runners Boys & Girls


             4:45 p.m.                                #1 Runners Boys & Girls

Thank you all and see you guys at practice for an easy run.

BHS Coaches

Training Plan Week 8

Hi Team,

Congrats on a successful weekend at Mountain West (see photos in below post), and on the link below you will find our week 8 training schedule.  We will see you guys at practice tomorrow at 4:00 PM at BHS.

Week 8 Training Plan

Thank you,

BHS Coaches

Mountain West Photos


Hi All.

Below is a link to many photos taken at yesterday’s meet by David Madrid, a loyal fan of the Hawks and the Broncs. You will see pictures of both teams. Scroll through, save those you like and enjoy. We are fortunate that David is so generous with his pictures.

2017 Mountain West XC

Mountain West Classic

Hi Team,

I just wanted to share with parents, family, and friends some details with this weekends meet.

You can always visit the webpage for more information:  Mountain West Classic

Friday Travel Group:

12:30 PM – Depart BHS for course pre-view (be dressed in running clothes)

3:45 PM – Arrive at course for pre-view

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM – Watch the college races and cheer on the Bobcats

6:10 PM – Depart course for hotel (Courtyard by Marriott, 4559 N Reserve St)

7:00 PM – Dinner catered at the Hotel:  COST $16 per athlete, due as we load the bus.  This price also includes gratuity.

Dinner includes:  Chicken Fettuccine, Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Pasta with white sauce, dinner rolls, salad, and Lemonade.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Team meetings to discuss race strategies and course

10:00 PM – Lights out

Saturday Travel Group:


You will be driving straight to the course, so please wear your singlet and warm-ups.  Also, don’t forget racing spikes, shoes, etc.

Looking forward to a great weekend at the Mountain West Classic and GO HAWKS!

-Your Coaches

Training Plan Week 7

Hi Team,

Congrats on a successful weekend at the Bob Firman Invite and Butte Invite.  Below you can find the results, and we look forward to some fun recaps at practice tomorrow.

Bob Firman Results

Butte Invite Results

Here is our week 7 training plan.  Practice tomorrow will take place at BHS @ 4 PM.

Week 7 Training Plan

Thanks so much and see you all soon.

Your BHS XC Coaches

Butte Schedule and Practice

Hi Team,

Remember for those traveling to Bob Furman we are doing morning practice:  6:00 Am for Zero period and 7:00 AM for first period kids.

Butte Travel Team:  Practice at 4:00 PM @ BHS

The Butte Schedule is as follows:

Saturday September 23rd

8:50 AM – Meet at school to check in with Coach Anna and Coach Julie

9:00 AM – Bus departs for Butte

11:00 AM – Arrive at course and do a short walk through

RACE: Girls 12:00 PM, Boys 12:40 PM (JV Races)

Race Day Snacks will be provided, but please bring money for lunch

1:20 PM Depart Butte for Bozeman

3:30 PM Arrive back in Bozeman



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