On At Large Bids, Antibiotics and Whooping Cough….

For those who haven’t heard, four of the girls (Caroline, Andie, Michelle, Brigid) were on antibiotics going into the NXN Northwest meet because of the pertussis outbreak.  Another runner (Bridget) had a  sore throat that peaked on race day.   To top it off, Caroline went through two courses of antibiotics after being diagnosed with strep throat the week after state.  They raced hard but were physcially drained and had a really rough day.  The fact that they managed a strong 3rd place despite all the illness and antibiotics (which create their own problems for high-level racing) is a testament to just how tough they are.

The good news is that the girls team has decided to train as though they are headed to Portland on December 3rd. By placing 3rd in the most competitive NXN Northwest field ever, they are eligible for one of four bids across 9 regions. Bozeman’s 11th place  at last year’s Nationals put them ahead of 3 of the 4 at-large teams (and ahead of 10 auto-qualified teams), and they have been much stronger than last year’s Boise team all season long. Apparently the Northwest has never been awarded an at-large bid, though Glacier Peak was certainly deserving last year, and there is a good chance this year. Speaking of Glacier Peak–with the easy win over them at the Tracy Walters Invite Bozeman should get one point for defeating an auto-qualified team. Coach May has been in this position before and we’re all grateful for his time and energy in coaching the girls while they train hard to be ready.

Currently 3 of the 9 regions have run and Bozeman’s performances over their last 2 races put them in a strong position. Two more regions run this coming weekend. The girls are in a stressful position but they all love to run and be with the team. If you see them out there over the next couple of weeks give them a honk and a wave to show your support. NC

Link to article on the near-quarantine of BHS due to pertussis:

Number of whooping cough cases nearly doubles in five days

Hundreds of high school students being treated as precaution


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