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Coach Casey Jermyn —

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Coach Logan Aytes  —

Assistant Coach:

Coach Caroline Hardin —

Assistant Coach:

Coach Julie —


  1. Good morning.. thanks for all the info.. is there anyway to post the “jobs” that people signed up for on the index cards at the HS meeting… know I signed up for a couple of slots, but don’t exactly know “what”… time trial snacks and ??
    thanks, jill

  2. Hi Jill, I would write to Mindy for that information. Her email is .

  3. Clint, Is there a course map yet for this weekend? We’re looking forward to coming down. All I have is start times and location so far. Do you know if we are supposed to register on Direct Athletics or another service?

    Thanks, Bob

  4. George and Susan Foster

    Hats off to all our varsity girls who ran today and contributed to what was a very strong showing at Mountain West, a true team effort. Kudos to Bridget, Sarah, Kenenni, Madie, Marley, Phoebe, and Laina.

  5. I took a flex day because of an injury this Wednesday and I missed out on some details surrounding this upcoming meet on Friday I was wondering if you could provide some details

  6. Does anyone have an idea what time the State XC in Great Falls will start? Weighing a trip the day before rather than an all day drive on Saturday.

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