More Divisional Pics

Here are more pictures. One link is from the first day and the other from day 2. They were both labeled 2nd day but that is not the case. Enjoy these amazing moments captured by the incredible sports photographer David Madril!!


2018 E Div Track 2nd Day


Div Photos

Thank you, David, for sharing these photos!! Everyone appreciates them 🙂

2018 E Div Track Day 2 Butte

2018 Hyalite XC Camp

Hi Team,

For those interested in attending this years Hyalite Camp can you please sign-up below.

The dates for the Camp will be Saturday June 23rd – Tuesday June 26th.  I will have the official itinerary posted very soon.

Hyalite XC Camp 

Thanks team!

Coach Casey

Training Plan Week 9

Hi Team,

See below for the link to the Week 9 Training.  Please tab over to week 9.  For tomorrow please plan on bringing spikes for the workout if you have them.

Week 9 Training Plan

Thanks so much and see you all tomorrow.

Coach Casey

Portland Track Festival

Hi Team,

For those of you interested and qualified I am putting together a fun post-season track meet weekend.  We are returning to the Portland Track Festival, and also watching the Brooks PR Meet LIVE!

If you wish to attend please sign-up below ASAP!  I am putting together the details this week, and once we get the final number of kids we can determine the overall cost etc.  (I work very hard to make this as affordable as possible, so please expect a little camping along the way).

Sign Up Form

Thank you and see you at practice today!

Coach Casey

Week 8 Training Plan

Hi Team,

See the link below for the week 8 training.  Tonight the 1600 and 3200 group will complete the Michigan workout and the 800 and 1600 group will complete the 53 workout.

Week 8 Training Plan 

Thanks Team and see you all soon.

Coach Casey

Photos from Billings West Triangular 5/5

David Madrid has shared his pictures from Saturday’s meet. Enjoy!!

2018 West HS Tri #1

2018 West HS Tri #2

Giving Thanks Part Two :)

Sorry for so many email from this blog today. BUT…. word on the street is that David Madril actually wouldn’t accept a monetary gift. He’s a generous, kind man who loves what he does. So, please do not send donations but do see Laura for an alternate expression of thanks.

Thank you, David!! 🙂

Giving Thanks for the Pics

For years, David Madril has been a loyal supporter of the Bozeman Hawks and Billings Senior Broncs XC and Track & Field programs. Many of us have relied on his ability to capture amazing moments of our athletes, knowing his pictures will be superior than what some of us take. He also has gotten to know the athletes, parents, and coaches. Laura H had the great idea to thank David. She will have a card and will take donations for him at the upcoming Butte track meet. If you would like to sign and/or donate, please find Laura Humburger; the gift will be to show our thanks and to help cover his gas and photography expenses. If you would like to send a card or a donation but cannot attend the meet, please send donation/card to Dylan by Thursday. David would receive the gift at Divisionals.


Top Ten Pictures

Hi, All!

David Madril shared his pictures from Top Ten because he loves everyone to see them. Please  spread the news to those who may not have this website going to their inbox so they can enjoy too.

Be sure to thank him for documenting these meets and for his generosity! He gets awesome photos!!

new album2018 Round Table Top 10

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