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Post NXN Race Video

The Bozeman girls after their 5th place finish at NXN race:

Not only are they tough competitors but also supportive, close teammates who represented Bozeman very well.

Not on the video but definitely deserving of recognition is Duncan Hamilton who had a stellar 11th place finish.

Congratulations to the runners!!


NXR Parents Contact Info

Hi Parents!

We are trying to gather email addresses and other contact information for the parents of all athletes going to NXR in Boise this weekend. Please add your information to the spreadsheet in the document below. Thanks so much!



95 More State Pictures

David Madrid sent the 95 pictures that were in limbo and he couldn’t access. There are some good shots of the boys toward the finish line.

2017 MT State Cross Country Meet – Added


If it’s not appearing on mail go the the WordPress site to watch.

Video of 2017 Season

MANY thanks to  Jill Hamilton for creating this video! What a gift for the team. Enjoy!


Sending a HUGE thank you to Kris and Lydia for providing pizza to about 70 hungry runners last night. We all appreciate your generosity.

Senior Boards

Parents of seniors:

Please remember to bring a poster board for your senior on Wednesday night……..

XC Banquet

Dear XC families,

As you know, the dessert banquet is this Wednesday at 6:00pm. We will have an appreciation bag for each of our four awesome coaches.  Please place your cards, gifts,  etc…into the bags when you arrive at the banquet. This is a perfect opportunity to thank them for their countless hours of time dedicated to the program, not only during the regular season but also during the summer and post season.

Thanks so much and see you Wednesday   🙂


State Photos

David Madril has been hard at work editing  thousands of pictures. He shared the link below and the link from Dr. Charles Aragon. Aragon’s are mostly of Billings Senior but there are some of Bozeman. David said his account froze up last night but would work more on his pictures today. In the meantime, enjoy those he sent from the state meet. I will post more if he sends more.

Dr. Aragon’s:

David Madril’s:

2017 MT State Cross Country Meet





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