Run with the Hawks Fundraiser

Hello XC Parents!

We are having our first volunteer planning meeting for the Run With The Hawks. This is the team’s ONLY fundraiser, and has raised over $12,000 annually for uniforms, travel, etc. The race itself is on August 26, and of course we will need race-day help, but there are several things that need to take place between now and then.  Even if you only have a couple hours to offer, you are needed.  Most of the parents who have helped in the past have students who are seniors, so we need to pass the torch.  If you volunteered in the past and have a graduating student, you can mentor a new parent this year, so you are invited to the meeting too.

Please come to the high school oval on Wednesday evening (this Wed., July 12) at 7 pm for a one-hour planning session.  We will assign tasks, no actual work will take place this week, just organization.  We have needs ranging from: 1.5 hours to put together the fundraising envelopes for students (prior to August 10); graphic design for this year’s poster; soliciting coffee /food donation for race-day; shopping for food; setting up “sign up genuis” for race-day volunteers; etc.  In short, there is definitely something you are good at that we need!

I hope to see many of you on Wednesday at 7 pm in the high school oval.

Laura Humberger


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  1. Terry McComas

    Does anyone know the approximate number of runners that ran this race last year? Anyone know how many shirts were sold – maybe you worked the booth that sold them?

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