Post-Race Thanks


I grew up watching inspirational sports movies (seriously, my mom doesn’t like animated films and this is what she’d watch with my siblings and me). Maybe as a result, it took me a while to process the outcome of the Nationals Race with the boys winning and the girls taking 8th (which in sum makes our program the strongest in the country this year). As I reflect, I realize there are a lot of “Thank Yous” to go around.

I first want to thank the Junior Varsity runners. Your support through texts to teammates, presence at the airport, attendance at the welcome held at the high school, and cheers during the parade were appreciated by your varsity teammates. It was great to see you support each other and be proud to be a part of this team.

I want to thank all runners for your hard work, dedication, and humor. Thank you for trusting and communicating with your coaches, for trusting and working together with your teammates.

I also want to thank all parents. Thank you for supporting your children in their athletics –  taking them to PT appointments, feeding them healthy foods, supporting them through aches and pains and celebrating their successes. Thank you for supporting your children outside of athletics – raising hardworking, caring, respectful young adults. Thank you for your support of the program, be that through fundraising, hosting meals, cooking, helping with rides, taking photographs, bringing supplies, letting coaches know about important things, arranging parades, posting information online when I’ve fallen through, and your presence.

I want to also thank the school and the administration, through their support of the team, their recognition of it’s success at the school board meeting and by organizing a welcome at the high school.

Runners, I hope that you recognize the incredible support system that you have. You have teammates that have a shared vision of the team but that contribute in varied ways. You have parents and community members and teachers that assist, in many ways, your hard work. You have coaches (I count 9 over the past four years!) that work together to help you develop as runners and young adults.

The 2016 cross country season has been quite a season. Thank you all.


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  1. Suzy Hall Hoberecht

    Wonderful message Elizabeth. We are lucky to have a coaching staff who are so supportive of all these kids, both as athletes and as young adults. Thank you all!

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