Sweet Pea parade details

Tomorrow is Sweet Pea!! After the races, runners will gather at the parade staging area. Runners should coordinate with team members regarding attire.

Here is info copied from the permit:

STAGING BEGINS AT 9:00 AM. Staging will occur on Main Street between 8th and 11th Avenues. Enter from 11th so you will be facing the correct direction (East), lining up in the side streets once Main fills with entries. Please do not leave your vehicles in the Boot Barn/Ashley Furniture parking lot. Those planning to meet at the staging area should pre-arrange a specific location; once the street is crowded, it will be difficult to find your group. Parade order is random and determined on-site. CHILDREN’S ENTRIES will meet on South 9th between Babcock and Main. EQUINE ENTRIES will meet on North 9th between Main and Mendenhall. PARADE ROUTE: The parade will proceed East on Main Street to Church Avenue and then disperse by heading North on Church Avenue. Please follow directions given by parade directors and police officers.

CANDY DISTRIBUTION: According to Municipal Code 12.32.230: No participant shall throw, cast, or drop candy or any other articles. Violation of this provision will result in a $100 fine, payable by the participant. Candy may be handed to spectators.

PLEASE AVOID STOPPING. No stopping along the parade route except for performing in front of the judge’s stand (near Owenhouse Ace Hardware, south side of the street between Tracy and Black Avenues). Entertain for the judges, but please limit your stop to a maximum of 30 seconds. Try to maintain approximately 30 feet between entries along the parade route, avoiding long gaps.



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