Update from Ethan

Hello all you fellow cross country runners,
Casey and I sat down a talked a little bit at practice today and we should have packets out by the end of the week for everyone! For everyone who got a training program from me in the past couple of days we will not be following it next week. and this weeks long run with be at 7am at sourdough canyon not at south cottonwood at 8am like it says. Sorry for all the confusion everyone should be on the same page now. Thanks for the under standing and patience. I hope to see you all at the long run Friday to explain the packet and get every one caught up.
Ethan Wilhelm


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  1. Dear Lolly,

    Please forward this message to the coaches for me. I don’t have any of their email adressess. Thank you!


    Dear Coach Ethan,

    I am really sorry but i am not going to be able to come to the run on Friday because i will be in California. I wanted to make sure that you know that i am definitely interested in practicing with the team but I will not be back by Friday. Thanks for your understanding! It would be great if you could send me the new training packet when you get the chance. If needed please feel free to call me at (4060-579-9324




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