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For those of you who may not know the sad news, Clint May recently accepted a job coaching in Virginia and will not be returning to coach Cross Country and Track at BHS.  Please read the following information provided by Jill Hamilton:

I just got off the phone with Wendy Tage from the School Board… she thought that at this point in the game she would suggest going to the school board meeting and sending in letters.  I have a call in with Rob Watson tomorrow.  We do not need to be on the Agenda, but Wendy suggested that all parents AND STUDENTS should write letters in advance and send via email to: All Board Members

Send letters to:
Superintendent (Rob Watson)
Principal (Kevin Conwell)
AD (Jerry Reisig)
If anybody would like to speak, that will be allowed (limited time) during the public comment HOWEVER, by law there cannot be names mentioned or personnel issues discussed at this forum.  I think we all realize that our goals are for the future of the xc (and track) program.  What we CAN and should discuss are:… keeping the program on the same trajectory as it has been… ie., having a coach who is familiar with the goals and abilities of the kids, the kids should be allowed to compete at higher level (out of state meets).  We do significant self-funding to support these higher level more expensive meets and if we can fund them then those should not be taken away by a new coach and / or path, and any other thoughts or concerns about the program. 
The school board meeting is Monday, June 13th at 6:00 / Willson.  The schedule will be posted on the BSD7 website by Friday so we’ll get an idea of how long until the public comment.. after awards, etc.  The most important things will be to submit letters ASAP.  The School Board can be done in one group email through the BSD7 website.  The others may have to be mailed or personally delivered to the HS (which is what I may do to make certain they are received in plenty of time).  AND the second thing is to have a huge showing at the school board meeting.  We may not be able to keep Clint in Bozeman, but we can show our complete support and disappointment in this decision by having a large group visible….
Format for email is:
Any questions, feel free to call and thanks in advance for the letters and showing up at Monday’s meeting.
Jill  209-1418

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  1. Scott Rosenzweig

    Can anyone fill me in: What are we showing complete support for, and what decision is disappointing? Thanks, Scott


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