Boise Dinner

For those families traveling to Boise for the Nike Regionals, there is an annual tradition of meeting at a small Basque pub in downtown Boise for dinner, drinks and just to hang out the night prior to the race.  So, for those interested (and who wouldn’t be?), here are the details:

Where: Bar Gernika located in downtown Boise at 202 S. Capitol Blvd.
Who: Anyone heading to Boise – it’s kid friendly
When: Plan to meet @ 6:00 pm
What: From their website – “Traditional Basque dishes, pub grub and an extensive beer selection served in a snug, laid-back space.”
If anyone needs to contact me en-route or while there, my cell # is 406-451-1011.
Thank you!!
Ed Allen

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  1. Make sure you are legally parked in the area. We still have a debt collector chasing us for a parking ticket we got there two years ago. Good luck to all the teams in Boise. May the sun shine and snow stay in Montana!

  2. I’m so excited to see that this tradition lives on! Good luck to everyone running in Boise, we will be watching and hoping to see great things!!! And, yea..We got a parking ticket there once too…

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