Week #4

Week #4

Monday  —    Meet at East Gallatin Recreation Area, 6 pm.  Tonight will be easy, moderate.  Practice ending at 7:15pm.

Tuesday  —   Meet at BHS, 4pm.  Long run for the week.  Please double check daily fuel, and hydration.

Wednesday  –Meet at BHS, 4pm.  Easy, moderate run.  Lots to cover (information, teaching).

Thursday  —   Meet at LDS church, 4:10pm.  Quality, core workout of the week.  Be prepared for a solid effort run.

Friday  —      Meet at BHS, 4pm.  Pre-meet type workout. Getting ready to host our own meet.

Saturday  —  BOZEMAN INVITATIONAL.  Bridger Creek Golf Course. 1:40 check-in with Coach Hickman.  Races start at 3pm.  Awesome course, great group of competitors coming.  A very good day.


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  1. Can you send me Clint mays email? Thank you

    Wendy Weaver, PE, LEED AP


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