Soda Springs, ID:

Girls Team–            Boys Team

Piper                      Chase

Camila                    Riley
Lucy                       Caleb
Phoebe                   Duncan
Kenenni                  Orrin
Kyle                       Lee
Marley                    Andrew
Brianna                   Dylan
Laina                      Simon
Elsa                       Bryce
Bridget                   Lucas
Kenzie                   Renn
Haiden                   Casey
Kate                      Luke

Tyler                      Seth

Billings Invitational:

Girl’s Team                       Boys Team
Zoe                                 Max S.
Nicole                             Sterling
Allison                            Carl
Molly                              Nick
Violet                             Josh
Lizzy                             Sam
Mae                               Bobby
Sarah                             Braden
Libby                              Mac
Margaret                         Alex
Kylie                              Henry
Delaney                         Carsten
                                    Jack A.
                                    Ian N.

                                    Ian B.


Times from the time trial will be discussed at practice on Wednesday.  Details about each meet will be available by the end of Wednesday.  For simple pre-planning purposes, just know that Billings is at noon on Friday and Soda Springs is on Saturday morning.

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