Week #3

Week #3

Monday  —  First day of School.  Meet at BHS, near Main St. entrance (likely moving our meeting to Senior hall), 4:00pm.  Workout for the day will be somewhere in the Easy – Moderate level.  We will conclude practice with warm-up check-outs and a team picture.  Plan on practice possibly going until 6:30.  Bring water.  Bring a lock for athletic locker.

Tuesday  —  Meet at Lindley Park, 4:10pm.  Arrange rides (many upper classroom will have extra seatbelts; sometimes parents like to transport, meeting in the Arby’s parking lot.  This will be a challenging workout.  Be prepared; fueled properly, growth mind-set, bring water.  Gear orders due this day.

Wednesday  —  Meet at BHS, 4:00.  Recovery run.  Finish uniforms, prep for up-coming meets.

Thursday  —  Meet at BHS, 4:00.  For those going to Billings, this is pre-meet.  For those going to Soda Springs, this will be hill work in Lindley Park (warming up from BHS).

Friday  —  Billings Invite.  Out of school:  12:10.  Depart:  12:30.  Race details to be forthcoming.  Should be back in Bozeman by 9pm.

Cardinal Classic (Soda Springs).  Out of School:  After 3rd period.  Depart:  10:40.  Race details to be forthcoming.

Saturday  —  For all who either competed in Billings, or who were just short on attendance, training is on your own, looking to weekly mileage to be your guide.

Remember:  Bring lock ASAP.  Also, Gear Orders are due by 12:00 noon on Tuesday.


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