The meeting of the YEAR!

Hello Dear Parents--we have a running tradition of a "Fun Run" the day 
after the time trial (Saturday,August 29th). It entails a fun run, a 
community breakfast, and the kids running with the community in Lindley 
Park. It is our main fundraiser and we plan on meeting Tuesday July 
7th, at 7:45ish to start the planning process--you can drop your kids 
off at the group run and then come to our house for the meeting, we will 
be done by the time they are and you can swing by and pick them back up!

Please let me know if you can come to 27 Golden Trout Way for the meeting.

Thanks for your help. Look forward to seeing any of you!


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  1. Clark, Jennifer

    Hi Mindy-
    I’m happy to help, but cannot make the meeting on the 7th. Please keep me in mind, I prefer to have a job rather than just hanging out.


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  2. Andrea Rosenzweig


    I’ll be at the meeting. Thanks Andrea

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