Parent Meeting Notes

Getting to Know Cross Country —

Bozeman High School

  1.   Meet the Coaches

          Clint May                                                 Steve Hickman

          Elizabeth Fulton                                       Kelly Fulton

  1. Shoes

        Most important piece of apparel. Generally good for 400-500 miles. Some runners (year-           round) need 3-4 pairs per.

  1. Website

  1. Summer time opportunities

         Bozeman Cross Country Camp

         HARC Camp

         Weekly get-together runs.

  1. Running and Nutrition or   Running Nutrition

  1. Who Should Own This Experience?

        “It has been so hard since _____________ decided to not continue. It was so much a                  family thing.”

         “I know they’ll just love cross country, it was the best part of high school for me.”

  1. Team first                                                                                                                                        In all that we do and say are we as adults building the team?

  1. Race Day Routines — Designed to build the team.

  1. How Can We Help Our Kids Understand Balance, Priorties, and Stress?   (Shark Tank)

  1. Run With The Hawks

        Key fundraiser, contact Mindy May, 582-9189.


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  1. Andrea Rosenzweig

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the parent’s meeting, will minutes or notes from the meeting be emailed out.

    regards, Andrea Rosenzweig


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