A comparison of Newspaper coverage of track events

Through great strategy and a balanced team the Bozeman Hawks won the Great Falls Optimist Invitational for the first time in many years. The “Chicks Meet” is a chance for all of the AA teams to come together for a State Meet Preview. For the second year in a row the conditions were awful with continuous snow, sleet, or rain. Team huddled on the concrete under the bleachers trying to stay dry and warm but consistently wandered out into the elements to cheer on their friends. Here’s a link to a story at the Great Falls Gazette.

The MT Standard in Butte had nice coverage of the boy’s meet with an emphasis on local sprinter, Dalton Daum. Looks like Butte had much nicer weather than Great Falls.

I don’t know why the Chronicle has had such poor coverage this year. Track had 225 athletes start this year and many of their parents are community leaders with businesses that used to support the paper through advertising.


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  1. The Chronicle rarely provided any high school coverage other than football or basketball. I still follow Bozeman HS track and cross country even though I left Bozeman in 2006. I get better coverage of Bozeman sports in the Billings Gazette. It’s a pity but I see it hasn’t changed in all those years.

  2. Richard Martell

    Call me a grumpy old guy but I agree 100% with Dave Madril. (Maybe he is a grumpy old guy, too). For as long as I can remember, the Bozeman Chronicle has done a comparatively lousy job of chronicling XC and T&F. Does the community have any idea how slamm’in great the girls and boys teams are? And how very awesome the coaches are? Not to mention, the coolest parents in the universe. What to do? I hereby nominate Scott Creel to conduct an empirical study that (1) examines the BC’s coverage of XC and T&F vs. other sports coverage (I am talking print and photos) and (2) compares coverage to other AA school local newspapers. Are you ready, Scott? With data in hand, we can storm the offices of the Chronicle!!

    I would like to help but I am way too busy reading the daily sports coverage of the Corvallis, Oregon newspaper. BTW: A kid at Greg’s high school is joining MSU XC/T&F in the Fall.

    Will be back in Bozeman, June 15-Aug/Sept. Hammer is looking for running partners.

    R. Martell

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