NXN Regionals Team

Boise NXN Regionals, November 15th


Monday — Meet at BHS, 3:56. Moderately long run, feel good pace.
Tuesday — Meet at BHS, 3:56. Easy run.
Wednesday — Meet at Sourdough Canyon (Bozeman Creek) trailhead at 4:20. Be prepared for a solid practice. Bring your tough.
Thursday — Meet at BHS, 3:56. Easy run. After the run we will have the “End of Year Banquet”, S. cafeteria. Invite should be coming in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.
Friday — stay tuned. I am hoping to get some pool time as to really let the legs go impact free prior to Saturday’s long run.
Saturday — Long Run. Still working on details; would love to do this outside of Bozeman, and I feel that I have a good idea. I am also cognizant that many would cherish a Saturday free from the plans of practice. I do feel very strongly that this long run is a key component to honing fitness for Regionals. We’ll talk.
I strongly believe that success at Regionals is EQUAL parts: physical training (placing the right workouts, at the right intensities, at the right times), emotional preparedness (hunger, drive, team cohesion, excitement) and momentum. Teams that have momentum need to maintain it. Teams that could use a boost need to find that boost. Momentum is a key factor in success.

Lots of questions surrounding details. I hope to have all questions answered and final team roster set by Wednesday.

I’m looking forward to getting back with many of you who have been waiting to have coaches back.


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