Week of the Montana State Meet

Congrats to those (18) who will be respresenting Bozeman High School and the whole Bozeman community at the State Cross Country Meet. For the remaining 72 runners who are all part of the “crew”, thank you for your comittment, your team spirit, your unique personalities. The 2014 season has been a joy to watch, and work with, as we have shaped into a fine cross country team. Your participation keeps our heritage alive and well.

State Team —

Monday — Meet at Bogert Park, 4:10. Be prepared for a challenging workout. Bring water.
Tuesday — Meet at LDS church, 4:10. Lighter workout.
Wednesday — Meet at BHS, 3:56. We will warm-up over to Lindley Park for a moderate workout.
Thursday — Meet at BHS, 3:56.
Friday — To be announced later in the week. This will be a typical pre-meet routine; simply haven’t decided if we should start from BHS or meet at other location.

State Dinner. 6:30, Coach May’s house. Details forthcoming.

Saturday –(Bill Roberts Golf Course)  Depart: 7:45. Girl’s Race 11:00, Boy’s Race 12:10. Team Awards at 12:30. We will plan to eat in Helena after the meet (around 1:30)


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