Bumping “How 7v7 Works”

With so many freshman running this year it is timely to post how the 7V7 race works again. For many years this race was run as the Lewis and Clark with the 14 AA teams divided into two divisions. Now most teams of all sizes in the state participate with the exception of the JV races which are AA only. Here’s a nice summary by the helenair.com from race morning.

How 7v7 Works

The 7v7 meet has always been a fan favorite. For the AA JV teams it is considered the state meet for JV. Both the boys and girls run separately and it is the last time the JV teams meet for the season. Once the JV teams have raced the varsity races start with all of the 7th runners from each team in the state competing against each other. Both boys and girls line up and start together. The excitement builds from there as each race finishes and those runners join the fray of fans racing back and forth across the course. Last year the Bozeman Boys won with a perfect score of 7, the girl’s team has not lost since 2009 and last year averaged 18:05 for the top five. Go to competitivetiming.com to check last year’s results and to see how the scoring works. Bring your best running shoes, energy bars and togs as this meet allows fans to see a lot of the course. Good Luck Hawks!


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