Week of Sept. 8th Workouts

Monday — Meet at BHS, 3:56. Easy, moderate run. We will revisit this past weekend’s meets, as well as look forward to the upcoming week.

Tuesday — Meet at Sourdough Canyon Trailhead, 4:25. BRING A WATCH. This will be our long run for the week. Parent pick up at the usual 6pm. (at the trailhead)

Wednesday — Meet at BHS, 3:56.

Thursday — Meet at East Gallatin Recreation Area (Bozeman Beach), 4:10. BRING A WATCH. Parent pick up: If you could be at the parking lot at around 5:45, I think we will be concluded by that time.

Friday — Meet at BHS, 3:56.

Saturday — Bozeman Invitational. Bridger Creek Golf Course. Meet at, or near, the clubhouse at 2pm.

Race Schedule: JV Girls: 3:30, JV Boys: 4:10, Varsity Girls: 4:45, Varsity Boys: 5:15


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  1. Do all kids participate on Saturday?

  2. Wendy, Since it is a homemeet I would assume so if they have in all the practices they need. NC

  3. What other competitions will there be?

  4. Hi Missy–here is a link to the schedule for BHS Cross Country: http://www.bsd7.org/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=3951219
    It’s kinda buried so I’ll move it up today.

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