Week of the “Time Trial”

Beautiful job through Week #1. Keep up the work ethic and the positive attitude and forward thinking. I was very pleased with our opening week.

Monday — Meet at BHS, 8:30am. This will be a moderate/easy workout.
Discussion topics include: Team Captains, Travel Rosters for the first meet(s).

Tuesday — Meet at Sourdough Canyon Trailhead (also known as Bozeman Creek), 8:30am. This will be a challenging long run day. PLEASE bring watch and water.

Wednesday — THE BIG SWITCH — 4:00pm. Meet at BHS. Moderate/easy run.

Thursday — Meet at LDS Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), corner of Colter and Henderson, 4:00pm. This will be our time trial course preview.

Friday — Meet at LDS church, 4:00pm. TIME TRIAL. For parents wanting to come in support of the team, be at the church at about 4:25; you can watch the kids at the .75 mile mark and then again at the finish.

Saturday — Meet at Lindley Park, 9:30am. Run With the Hawks. Community Fun Run Fundraiser. This meeting counts towards your 12 practice days.


Fundraising Money: To be turned in by Wednesday, 4:00pm practice.
Picture Order Forms: Also to be turned in by Wednesday.


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  1. Sourdough creek is closed, where will kids be going?

    Wendy Weaver, PE, LEED AP


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