It’s Officially started! Week of August 18th

It’s here. Cross Country 2014! I am very much looking forward to finally coming together as a whole team. New faces, veterans, great meet schedule, no smoke in the air,…. Monday morning here we come. While some practices may conclude before 10:15, PLAN ON 10:15 ending time.

Monday — Meet at BHS, 8:30. We will cover much of what to expect, general routine, and introduction of coaches. Be prepared for a run; shoes, shorts, shirt for the conditions. Options Run.

Tuesday — Meet at BHS, 8:30. Whole team run.
Summer training group: You will also have an evening session at the LDS church, 7:30pm

Wednesday — Meet in the small, unnamed park just north of Kagy Korner Store, 8:30. (If you get to Kagy Korner Store, you are within 100 yards of our meeting place.) Kagy Korner Rollers. 3 options this day.

Thursday — Meet at BHS, 8:30. Options Run.
Summer training group: You will also have an evening session at the MSU track, 7:30pm

Friday — Level 1 Runners, meet at Drinking Horse Parking Lot, 8:30.
Level 2, 3, 4 Runners, meet at Lindley Park, 8:30. Lindley Hills.

Saturday — On your own. Guidelines will be given in the week as to what would appropriate for this day.

Sports Participation Booklets: Must be complete in order to practice!


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  1. Leesa Anderson

    Coach May, Are the late runs required for all levels or are they required for just the upper levels? Leesa Anderson

  2. Hi Leesa, I think that the evening runs are for the kids who have done the summer training. Typically the new kids don’t run twice a day. NC

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