Week of August 11th

This week:
Tuesday: Meet at the LDS church. Remember you can come at either 7am or 7:30 pm. Not a GRIT run, Not an easy run, NOT a Tempo run, come and see…..

WEDNESDAY: PARENTS: Meeting at 6pm, BHS Main gym. Part #1 Randy Russell (Activities Director) Part#2 Me (Clint May). I’m hoping to lay out the fall schedule, who goes where, program expectations, answer questions.

Thursday: GIRLS: Meet at the MSU track at 7am. Bakers Dozen. Challenging workout, looking for at least 14 girls. Come, lets make it a great morning.
BOYS: Meet at the small community park behind Target (basketball court on Cattail St.). “It’s Our Time”. Challenging workout, looking for at least 18 boys. Let’s make it a great evening.

Friday – Sunday: On your Own.

Monday — August 18. OFFICIAL PRACTICE BEGINS. 8:30 am, meet at the main street entrance to BHS. Have all of your paperwork turned in. (Any questions about paperwork, call Patty in Activities at 522-6237.)


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  1. Hi Nancy, I didn’t see anything in the link?

  2. Hi Wendy, this post didn’t have a link. I can see the body of the post on my computer. I’ll go test on Bridget’s see if I see if it is a problem there. NC

  3. What time are boys meeting at the park behind Target on Thursday?

  4. Hi Coreene, I’m guessing it’s at 7:30 like the Tuesday workout. I can double check at the parent meeting tonight though. NC

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