Week of August 3rd – 9th

Week of August 3 – 9

Sweet Pea Congratulations!

Great job today. I was every bit as excited about the number of Hawks that I saw, both in the 5K and 10K, as I was any results posted afterwards. For me, this is a chance to blow the lungs out. (Thanks to Walker racing me for the final mile, I literally almost lost a lung.) But more-so it’s about toeing the line, teammates, fellow competitors from around Montana, and our great community, all with nervous energy there at the start. Good job! Our progress will allow us to see times get faster through the coming months.

The Parade. I also want to say “Thanks” for showing with class our 2014 team. I was a bit worried that only 6 or 8 might show up. It was great to see all of you marching, promoting our upcoming Fun Run.

This Upcoming Week:

Tuesday — the schedule says Bear Canyon Run; I want to change that. We WILL meet at the LDS church. You can choose, 7am or 7:30pm. This will be a Tempo Run.

Thursday through Saturday. If you are not attending the HARC, you are on your own to finish out the week. Use your creativity to accomplish your goal mileage. (goal mileage listed in your red booklet). Look back to this site in about 8 days for the following weeks schedule.

HARC — You will need to meet at the swim center at 9:55am. Be prepared to be in the pool. From the pool we will be leaving for Dillon MT at around 11:30am.



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  1. HI — I get your emails because my son Ethan Greene has run cross country for the last two years.  He’s working this summer so hasn’t done the summer practices.  Now his twin sister is interested in joining the cross country team. Is it better for her to wait until official practices begin the week of August 18th or should she jump into the summer runs? She is a former soccer player but isn’t going to tryout for soccer this year. Thanks, Debby Greene 539-6488


  2. It would be great if she could make it to a couple practices before the 18th! There will be one this Tuesday at the LDS church at 7:00 AM or 7:30 PM there she can talk to one of the coaches and get a schedule for the rest of the summer. Hope to see her at practice soon!
    Bridget Creel, senior

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