Summer XC info if you are not on the mailing list

Hello Cross Country Folks–
I know there is snow on the ground and it’s only May but there are a lot of things to prepare for Cross Country 2014 and I wanted to put it in your brains for pondering! Welcome to the incoming freshman runners and parents. If you see I am missing someone on my email list, will you please let me know so I can get the word out to them.

Points for pondering:

Summer Kickoff Meeting—-TBA (before school gets out–usually the last week of school–approximately Tuesday, June 10–Coach May will let you know for sure)
Cross Country Camp—June 23, 24, 25 at Hyalite
Community Garage Sale and Breakfast—-Saturday, July 12–Start cleaning out and putting excess in a corner for our Garage Sale Fundraiser–tell your neighbors too! Bring stuff early in the morning to the Bozeman High School Oval–Stuff drop off starts at 5am–will have a pancake breakfast along with the garage sale and a morning run for the runners. Runners will manage the garage sale with parental support–salespeople, clean-up, etc.
High Altitude Rewards Camp—August 7,8,9—A camp for qualifying athletes over in the Pioneer Mountains.
Run with the Hawks Fun Run—Saturday August 30–The committee needs to start meeting here in the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in being on the committee please contact me ASAP. Please…..need help!
***Seeking someone to manage a sponsor drive.—In order to help with our fundraising efforts, we will seek community support from various businesses.



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  1. Hi Nancy, I have not been receiving any newsletter updates, can you put me on your mailing list. Thanks, Also I can help with the garage sale, and any help you need on the committee for the fun run, please let me know, Thanks, Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy, I don’t send out email. I just repost stuff on that Clint sends to me. During track this website is pretty quiet as those coaches don’t seem to use the web for information. You can get email updates when this website is updated by subscribing with your email. The sign up is in the upper right corner. I can’t unsubscribe folks or sign them up myself. NC

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