Distance Breakfast on Saturday

Dear Parents,

Please join the Track Team Distance Crew for a light breakfast after their morning fun run/practice this Saturday (May 17th) at Ed and Sarah Allen’s house (2705 Annie St.) Parents are welcome to drop off their athletes and stay at the house to socialize and help set up a breakfast while the students run. Please let me know if you can come and if you are willing to help provide a part of the breakfast (Bagels, cream cheese, OJ, and Fresh Fruit).


Sarah Allen (Caleb’s mom)



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  1. Hi there! Can you take us off this email stream? mtwebbs@msn.com thanks! Have a great day! jBETSY

    Betsy J Webb8373 Goldenstein LaneBozeman, MT 59715cell: 406-579-8699

    Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 14:51:04 +0000 To: mtwebbs@msn.com

  2. All,

    Sarah’s correct email address is sarahmayallen@yahoo.ca

    Note the .ca and not .com at the end. Canadians….sheesh!

  3. Hi Betsy–Go to the email you received and click the unsubscribe at the bottom. I can not do it myself.

    Ed–I thought that there was a type and fixed it!

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