Week of September 30th

Alright Runners, here’s the deal:  Fitness happens,  when you put the work in.  Last week’s performances were, by and large, fantastic.  Yet, I believe that our best day(s) are still ahead. With that said, prepare yourselves for a great, and challenging week of training.  For those pointing for peak performances in early October, we will cater the training to have you ready for each of the upcoming meets.  For those that are gearing up for State meet and Regional best marks you will have the opportunity to reach a mile-stone that we have building towards for months; a mark that validates where you’ve been, and more importantly, where you are going.  A hand full of boys are ready for 60 miles.  Some of the girls will hit 56 miles.  Crazy? No, simply territory we have earned.

Monday  —  BHS, 4 pm.  Easy/moderate effort day.  AM runners: 3-4 miles, EASY.

Tuesday  —  This will be a quality, challenging day.  The team will be split into 3 groups meeting at 3 different locations.  You will ABSOLUTELY need to pay attention on Monday to hear where you will be meeting on this day.  Be prepared mentally and physically.  If parents are needed to transport you to practice, communicate this Monday night.  No AM run this day.

Wednesday  —  BHS, 4pm.  Easy effort day.  AM runners: 3-4 miles, EASY.

Thursday  —  All competing in Butte will be jogging over to Lindley Park for a moderate effort practice.  The 6-10 that are not competing in Butte, will go for a 5 mile CAR run.  AM runners: 3-4 miles, CAR

Friday  —  All competing in Butte  will have an option run of two or four miles (pre-meet).  For those not racing in Butte you will be heading to Bogart Park for the “Hudson”.  Hudson runners be ready for a challenging workout. A.M. runners 3-4 miles EASY.

Saturday  —  Early morning 6-7 miles for those not competing in Butte.  For those racing in Butte we will be leaving at 8:45am. Details on the races (schedule) will be forthcoming this week.  The races are at Stoddard Park in Butte and we will be taking two buses.  This means if your attendance has been on track, you will be competing.

J.V. Girls 12:00
J.V. Boys 12:40
Varsity Girls 1:15
Varsity Boys 1:45

Stodden Park, Butte MT


The password at bozemanxc.shutterfly.com is xc.


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  1. Please post/send Butte races schedule to help parents make travel plans. Thanks so much.

    Chris Naumann via mobile

  2. I heard the varsity is not running in Butte. Is this correct? It’s a long ways from Billings so I would like to know if at all possible.

  3. Hi Dave, Nancy Creel here…. I don’t think my kids are running. They are the only ones I can speak for.

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