Practice Schedule for the week of September 23rd

Monday  —  Meet at BHS, 4pm.  This will be a solid effort day in Lindley Park.  We will run from the high school.
Tuesday  —  Meet at BHS, 4pm.  Easy effort day; practice should conclude by 5:30.
Wednesday  —  Meet at the LDS church, 4:15.  COME DRESSED FOR PRACTICE.  Another solid effort day; for all those competing in Missoula.  Come prepared.
Thursday  —  The tentative plan is for JV to be traveling to Billings for a JV only meet against the 3 AA schools from Billings. (Right now I am waiting on a phone call to verify the meet.)

If it’s a go:  Out of school at 12:05, depart at 12:20.  Plan to eat lunch on the bus.  Typically it starts at 4pm.  River Front Park.  More details to be forthcoming on Monday.

Thursday  —  (Missoula Runners)  —  Meet at BHS, 4pm.  We will run over to Kirk Park for the workout.
Friday  —  Meet at BHS, 4pm.  We are looking at having a team dinner for runners going to Missoula.  (An all-team dinner is coming.)  Are there any parents willing to host 40 runners
on Friday night?

Saturday  —  Mountain West Classic, Missoula, university of Montana Golf Course.  Bus leaves at 5 am.  JV Girls at 9:30, J.V. boys at 10:15, Varsity Boys 11:00, Varsity Girls 11:45. Address:   515 North Ave E Missoula, MT 59801


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