Great Falls Details from Coach May

Great Falls Invite:

Location:  Anaconda Hills Golf Course, Black Eagle, MT (side by side community to Gt. Falls)
Schedule:  JV Girls, 3:00    JV Boys, 3:40    V Girls, 4:10    V Boys, 4:40


A couple of items to keep us all “on the same page”/”in the loop”/working together:

The selection of our Varsity teams for next week’s Mountain West Classic will be determined by an overall look at the past 3 weeks. I will be looking at health/injury, consistency of training, strength of competition, etc…  I should be able to list those teams as soon as Gt. Falls is completed.  Once again, the meet in Gt. Falls may help me to determine next week’s Varsity but will not be the #1 factor.

On another note, I am striving to help the runners with their core value of unity and selflessness.  I feel that one of the best ways to build these ideals happens in the 15-20 minutes directly after racing.  I am asking the kids to “find” each other, in the finish area, support each other with hugs, high fives, words of support, etc…, and then within 10 minutes of the last runner finishing start on a cool down.  I am asking parents to please support this effort by letting teammates be the 1st point of contact (verbal and physical).  That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be visible with a smile and a thumbs up; you should.  After the cool down you are encouraged to smother them with you love.  THANK YOU,  Coach May

PS. Help grandparents and other relatives to understand this effort as well.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle had a nice article on the season so far for the girls team written by Gidal Kaiser. Check it out here.


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