Week Three Details

Parents, Parents, Parents–
WOW!  What a crazy, awesome, week.  The attendance at the time trial had to have been double of what I can ever recall.  Those involved in bringing snacks; fantastic!  The performances (particularly from our summer trainers) was inspiring.  Then on to Saturday; what a FUN run!  I had so many positive comments about both the team and the event.  Thank you to all who did so much work to make this a professional event–even with homemade bibs and bad course markings by Coach May!!!  Coach May says he will fix the course markings next year.

Monday:  —  Meet at Sourdough Canyon Trailhead (Bozeman Creek) at 6:30p.  Practice will be over by 7:45p.  Moderate work level.

Tuesday  —  Meet at BHS 4p.  Be prepared for the tough workout for the week.  Come hydrated, well rested, mentally charged.
BRC SPIKE NIGHT–as soon as practice is over, come down to Bozeman Running Company on East Main (Corner of Church and Main) to become educated in and         possibly purchase racing shoes.  Pizza will be provided. 15% discount off current models as well as 15 pairs of $10 spikes from 2011-2012.

Wednesday  —  Meet at BHS 4p.  Light, easy workout.

Thursday  —  All runners going to Spokane: your practice will take place at 7:30p at the MSU track; practice will be over by 8:30p.
All other runners–BHS 4p.

Friday  —  Carroll College Meet; departure at 6:45am DO NOT BE LATE.  If you are late you will miss the bus which also will mean missing a meeting time, which means you will have to use a flex day if you plan to be eligible for the next meet.

RACES: High School girls–9:30am, High School Boys–10:10am at the Bill Roberts Golf Course in Helena (2201 North Benton Avenue, Helena, MT) Return:  You will be excused from High School for the full day, however we will likely be home by 2:30p—allowing you to attend last period class.  Please consider.

Map to Bill Roberts Golf Course

Spokane:  Departure: 8:45am

Saturday  —  Tracy Walters Invitational: Audobon Park in Spokane, WA. (Northwest Blvd & Milton, 99205)

    • 9:20 AM – JV Girls
    • 10:00 AM – JV Boys
    • 10:30 AM – Varsity Girls (10 runners)
    • 11:00 AM – Varsity Boys (10 runners)
    • 11:30 AM — Awards
Map of the course at Tracy Walters
Map to the course in Spokane

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