Week Two Details

This Week In Cross Country  —  Week #2

Monday  —  4:30, Meet at the high school.  This will be a moderate level run.
Tuesday  —  4:30, Meet at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ( south side of town on Henderson Dr., between S.3rd and Colter Ave.)  This will be one of the tougher workouts for the week. Come prepared; rested, water, nutrition, a yearning for the type of run that creates adaption.  Here is where you get better.
Wednesday  —  4:00, Meet at the high school cafeteria by 3:58. Light workout on the physical side; however practice will likely go until 5:50.
FUNDRAISING efforts to be turned in on/by this day.
Thursday  —  4:15, Meet at the church (same location as Tuesday). We will be previewing our time trial course.
Friday  —  4:15, Meet at the church.  TIME TRIAL.  Warm-up will begin at 4:15, time trial will go off at 4:45.

Parents:  The time trial is a really fun event to watch. Several parents of upperclassmen told me this week that they didn’t know that they could come watch when their kids were freshman. Arrive at the church early and ask questions of other parents to figure out the best places to watch. Some folks run around to catch a few points on the course while others ride their bikes. The first crossing point is on Graf. The kids come from the north on the trail and cross to the Sundance Springs trail.

Saturday  —  “Run With The Hawks”  Fundraiser Fun Run.  Meet at Lindley Park at 9:30.  The run for this day needs to constitute a Long Run.  As you finish the 2.5 mile run with the community gather in groups of like fitness, and within minutes of finishing, Level 3, 4 will be going for an additional 6- 9 miles; Level 1, 2 will go for 5-7 more.  Those just coming into training should make a 2 mile cool-down jog.

Planning Ahead  —  Will will hold a mandatory practice on Monday, Labor Day, at 6:30pm.  That practice will conclude by7:50. Location TBD.

Items of Business

Fundraising.  Please help us raise the money that makes our program function as it has for the past 5-6 years. (Treats, travel, lodging, uniforms, banner, tent, etc…)
The fundraising needs to wrap up on Wednesday, Aug. 28.
$60 = T-shirt,  $80 = Sweatshirt,   $90 = BOTH.

PARENT MEETING.  I would like to hold an informational meeting for all parents interested in learning about our program.  The plan is to have the meeting at 5:50 on the lawn the LDS church on Thursday, August 29.  This is the same location as practice on this day.  I am planning on roughly 30 minutes.  If the weather is bad, we will post-pone until the following week.

TIME TRIAL.  While the time trial will help us to determine a few things pertaining to the following week’s travel to meets (ask your son/daughter for details) I will spell out the following so that you as parents might better plan if your son/daughter will be making the trip to Spokane.  Spokane:  All boys who run faster than 18:30 (at the time trial), and have 12 practices, will travel to Spokane.  All girls who run faster than 21:30, and have 12 practices, will travel.  This meet in Spokane is unique, in that it is the only meet wherein we run 10 athletes in the Varsity race. So at a minimum we will take 10 runners, boys and girls.


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