Wednesday location change and Spike Night

Wednesday, August 21.   Practice will be at Kagy Korner Store at the normal 8:30am start.  This is a LOCATION CHANGE from the original week #1 plan.
Friday, August 23.  Picture day at practice.  Start your day with a shower and a hair combing.
Tuesday, September 3, 6pm.   Spike Night at BRC.  Pizza will be available to hungry kids before making it home for dinner.  Casey has about 15 pairs of 2011-2012 spikes (Saucony, Nike) that he will be marking at $10.  If you are need of basic training shoes NOW, please do not wait until Sept. 3.  Simply go to the store and ask him for the “Spike Night Discount” for your training shoes.


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  1. Richard Martell

    Confused as to whether the are “racing shoes/spikes” for $10 or “training shoes/no spikes”

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