The Season Begins–Practice schedule starting on the 19th!

Week #1 (August 19th – 24)
     Each day we will meet at BHS (entry near Main St.) at 8:30. Practices will generally run for 2 hours, unless otherwise noted. Tuesday will be one of the earlier release days; runners will be finished with practice by 10:00.  Thursday might also be early release; still working on a “picture day” so for now plan on the full 2 hours.

     All runners who have been consistent with their summer training, should plan on Tuesday and Thursday evening extra practices.  Both nights will be at 7pm (not 7:30); Tuesday at East Gallatin Rec. Area and Thursday at the MSU track.  Runners who have logged over 150 miles to this point in their summer training should attend.

     Saturday will be an optional, or “on your own” run.  Details forthcoming.

Coming up in Week #2
     All practices will be at 4pm. Details coming.
     School starts on Wednesday.  28th.
     Friday will be our team time-trial.  All runners will meet at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Henderson Dr.). The church is where our finish line is staged.  Parents are welcome to come and cheer on the team.  The time trial will begin at roughly 4:45.
     Saturday morning is our annual “Run with the Hawks” fundraiser/fun run.  All runners need to meet at Lindley Park at 9:15 that morning.  Details about the fundraiser will be coming home with athletes some time in the first week.  Although this meeting is not a mandatory practice, it is strongly encouraged and will count towards the 12 practice days that is required by Bozeman High School cross country for 1st meet participation.

Are you ready for the upcoming season?:  1.  All forms complete and into the activities office before you “officially” practice.
     2.  Shoes.  Good fit.  Right for you, biomechanics.     3. Attitude.  Regardless of where you are right now, whether you have run a lot this summer or not much at all, come to practice eager, interested, coachable, with the look of a runner.  This needs to be something for which you are excited for.

Expectation for Attendance:
     All practices (practice days)held before the 1st day of school are primarily building towards 12 practice days in order to be eligible to compete.  Our policy/expectation from August 28th – end of the season is that every student/athlete make every practice. The consequence for missing practice is ineligibility for the next upcoming meet for which that runner would be scheduled to be running.  Now, knowing that things happen, (examples… sickness, family trip over Labor Day, horrible turn of events at school one day, etc….) each student is granted 2 “FLEX ” days for which they can utilize whenever, where-ever in the season, in order to overcome a missed practice.  I would suggest that runners try to use these days for “significant” events or situations only.

Meet Schedule:  We are still building this.  The schedule needing some solidifying is not from a lack of planning, but rather Randy Russell granting us the opportunity to travel a little bit more than we did last season.  Therefore, I am still working out the details on which meet(s) best fit our situation.  With that said, we are planning to open up our season with Varsity (and top-tier J.V.) in Spokane, WA on Sept. 7, while a bigger portion of our team, representing J.V. squads will be in Helena on Sept. 6.


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