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Simplot Games.  February 14 – 16.  Currently we are just beginning to put together a list of athletes who would like to, and are planning on, participating at Simplot.  Details of the trip (who’s going, what event, $, drivers, etc…) are in development.  We would like to have firm plans by February 1.  If you can help out with transportation/chaperoning please let Coach May know.  Currently we have Bret May and the Creels driving; that’s seat-belts enough for 5 athletes.  (3 of those will be their own kids.)  Invariably, more than 5 will want to take in this experience.


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  1. What is Simplot and where is it held?

  2. Hi Dave, It’s an indoor track meet held in Pocatello, Idaho. Many of the best sprinters in the country traditionally attend it as they can get great times at altitude. NC

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