Spokane and Coach Tyson

The Spokane Visit:  “Everything was awesome about spending the better part of two days with Coach Tyson.  I am perhaps more motivated than I have ever been before, certainly the most confident that I have been, as we look to continue to improve an already good thing.  I feel like I have a great mentor that I can continue to bounce questions off as well as gain ideas for challenging our runners.  I am super excited for our kids to meet Coach Tyson as he will be our guest at summer cross country camp.  I certainly got some ideas that will provide us with a small difference in what we should expect to see with our January, February, …..training.” –Coach Clint May

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  1. Hi Bozeman
    One of our team dads is a doctor, and he got one of the area physicians to allow athletes to get bloodwork done, including ferratin levels, done for pretty good discount. They just needed to mention they were part of CHardon track and cross country. Many kids got tested that way, and it made a huge difference on reducing the number of athletes running on low iron. Case in point was our top girl, who battled anemia all junior year, and came back in track for her strongest season yet. Only to be followed up by an outstanding cross season, and a PR from mid 19’s to low 18’s by season end, and finish at state meet from 61st her junior year to 11th for All Ohio this year.Anyway, if you can get a local doctor on board, it really will help!
    Mary Pat, sister of Nancy Creel.

  2. What is the “acceptable” ferrarin level range for the boys?

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