Gearing up for 2013

Gearing up for 2013 – Notes from the parent meeting.
Following through on the promise:  While still in Boise, looking over the NXN Regional course, Coach Hickman and Coach May promised a rededication to studying some of the perenial great programs to determine, “What it takes….” to have continual great teams, great individual performances.  As stated by Coach May,  “There are a handful of teams out there that seemingly year after year produce runners who placing top 10 at their State meet, and then going top 30 at NXN Regionals, when just 1 year – 2 years earlier they were competing as J.V. runners.”  “While we have seen some pretty incredible moves from some Bozeman runners, I want to ensure that a ‘big jump’ is not only a possibility, but a probability for our Juniors and Seniors.”
So what’s planned
December 14, 15 Coach May will travel to Spokane Washington to listen to, learn from, and plan with Patrick Tyson.  Coach Tyson spent 21 years at Mead High School, producing some of the most incredible “deep lists” in high school history.  For example, 10 boys from Mead have run under 9:06 for 3200 meters.  Another mind-boggling stat comes from one year when 10 different boys broke 9:30 for 3200 meters.  That’s like having 10 Jakob Woodlands on the same team, same year.  Additionally, Coach May is planning on furthering an already budding mentorship with Timo Mostert from American Fork Utah.  American Fork just placed 2nd in the country at NXN Nationals.  A shared lunch with lots of questions is in the works for January 2 in American Fork Utah.
So what’s the projected “secrets” to be learned?
“I think it’s going to mainly come down to expecting more consistency of training and simply bigger miles from our 3rd and 4th year runners.”
Both runners and supporting families need to hang tight until January 7.  We will have the new winter training program ready for release then.  Without a doubt, keep the December training theme rolling until then. Christmas break means a break from school…. we will run.
Upcoming opportunities:
Simplot Games–February 14,15,16.  This high level indoor track meet is a great opportunity for some of our kids who already have a lot of track and field experience and whose winter training is going very well.  More details about the meet will be forthcoming.  Those looking to run in this meet should have that confirmed by January 14th.   Be planning for a weekend costing around $150. 
Bozeman Distance Crew “Go Big Distance Festival”–March 1 and 2. Details including qualification for the trip forthcoming. 
Blood work including FERRITIN LEVELS.  I have encouraged every one of our “high mileage kids” (This is primarily for kids who project they will be running 40+ miles per week and especially our vegetarians and female runners)  to get a Doctor’s referral for this blood work.  In the past Urgent Care has been good to work with us based on Coach May’s request.  However Joe Schwartz found Urgent Care to put up a little opposition based on the fact that he looks and seems so happy at the current time.  Coach May is trying to work with Doctor’s Gill and Sikosky. 

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