Week #8 Workouts

Can you believe it; only 2 1/2 weeks ’til State, 5 1/2 weeks until Regionals? Although I am never completely calm and comfortable, I do feel good about the path that we are on.

Week #8

Monday — All runners going to the Capital City 7 of 7 Invitational/J.V. State championship, meet at the LDS church at 4:10. Be prepared for a challenging, tough day. WATCH and WATER and racing flats would all be appropriate.
Remainder of team to meet at BHS. Moderate level workout.

Tuesday — All runners meet at the East Gallatin Rec. Area at 4:10.

Wednesday — All runners meet at BHS.

Thursday — Capital City Meet, Helena, Bill Roberts Golf Course. Dismissed: All day.
(Departure and schedule of the races to be coming soon. Off the top of my head, we leave around 8:50.)

Departure:  8:50
J.V. Races to start:  12:30
Varsity #7 runner race to start around 1:30
Varsity #6 to start around 2:00   …..
Varsity #1 to start around 4:30

Be PREPARED for colder, wetter weather.  We will be outside for about 6 hours.  What an awesome day!

Friday — All runners meet at BHS.

Saturday — To be announced. This practice will be for the State (consideration) team.


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