Week #7 Workouts and Schedule

“Thought of the Week”

There are three(3) POWER centers for the Competitive Distance Runner

1. The LEGS. “The legs feed the wolf.”
          Are your legs trained, conditioned, hardened for the physical demands you will place upon them during a race?
          Are your legs receiving the fuel they need to meet those demands; (iron and nutrient dense calories)?
2. The HEAD. Do you believe you can Succeed?
          Are you mentally tough…. a little stubborn?
          Can you say, “I AM …__________”?
3. The HEART. From WHERE does your desire to succeed stem?
          WHY have you chosen to put yourself in the game?
          HOW much sacrifice are you willing to endure?

Monday — Meet at BHS, 4pm. Be prepared for a solid day. Billings group: long run. Mountain West: Lindley work.
Tuesday — Meet at BHS, 4pm. Light workout. Billings Invite group to finish with 2 X 400m cont. accel.
Wednesday — Mountain West Group – Meet at Regional Park/Dinosaur Park, 4:10 pm. Be ready for….. (you know).
          Billings group; Meet at BHS at 4pm.
Thursday — Billings JV Invitational. Dismiss at 12:10. Depart at 12:30. Races start at 4pm. Riverfront Park (south 1/2 mile off of S. Billings Blvd. exit)
          Mountain West Group: Meet at Kagy Corner Store. Moderate run over rolling terrain.

Friday — Meet at BHS at 4pm.
Saturday — Mountain West Classic. Depart: 5am. U of M Golf Course. JV Girls 9:30, JV Boys 10:15, Varsity Boys 11:00, Varsity girls 11:45


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