Workouts for the week of September 10th

Quote of the Week: Mental toughness involves a love for what you do. Pride, conviction, a strong will to succeed and even a little stubbornness produce a resolve that contributes to mental; toughness.

Monday — Meet at BHS @ 4pm. Moderate level workout. The “workout” portion of practice will end by 5:30. However, we will have an opportunity for all interested to stay and talk about “mental training for optimal performance” until about 6pm.

Tuesday — Two different meeting locations. Varsity and some J.V. (you will be asked to join at Monday’s practice) meet at East Gallatin Rec. Area @ 4:10. This practice will be the main, tough practice for the week. Come prepared.
J.V. team meet at LDS church @ 4:10. This workout will have two options. A. Time trial. or B. Hill repeats off of Sourdough trail. Be prepared for a solid day.

Wednesday — Meet at park space behind Kagy Corner Store @ 4:10. Parking is along the road behind the store down to the community gardens. Do not park in store parking lot. This will be a trail run of moderate length and moderate intensity. BRING A WATCH and WATER.

Thursday — Meet at Lindley Park @ 4:10. WEAR RUNNING SHORTS THAT ARE ON YOUR “GET RID OF” LIST. Things could get a little messy today.

Friday — Great Falls Invitational. Dismisses at 10:11. Depart at 10:25 (Be quick). Location: Anaconda Hills Golf Course, Black Eagle. J.V. races start at 3pm. Varsity races to follow at 4:15. If you are not going to the meet, you WILL NOT have an organized practice. A light 30 – 40 minute run is suggested however.

Saturday — OPTIONAL. Meet at East Gallatin Rec. Area at 10:30 am.


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