Week 4 Workouts

Quote of the Week:
“I never really feel safe racing against Jakob. I know I can beat him, I always have. Still I think he goes into ever race thinking he might win and he’s willing to put it out there to try and win. He’s pretty scary.” This was what Mike Asay had to say about Jakob Woodland 2 years ago. Mike was the fastest guy in Montana at the time.

Week #4
Monday — Practice is at 6pm. All team members who are racing Bohart on Sept. 8 will meet at East Gallatin Rec. Area. Idaho Falls group will meet at “the bears” off of Bozeman Trail Rd. BOTH practices will be solid. Be prepared for a tough workout.

Tuesday — Meet at BHS at 4pm

Wednesday — Meet at BHS at 4pm. Be prepared for a solid effort day.
BOYS: For all boys who have been logging higher mileage (some of our Juniors and Seniors), today you start AM runs. Today is 22-24 minutes CAR.

Thursday — Easy CAR run for both groups, finishing up with (1-3) 400m continuous accelerations.

Friday — Idaho Falls. You are dismissed for the whole day, yet encouraged to go to 1st period. Bus departs at 9:45. J.V girls at 2:50, J.V. boys at 3:30. Varsity races to follow. Location: Freeman Park. Bring $ for dinner. Arrive home around 11pm.

Saturday — Bohart Ranch. You will need to get to the race/course on your own. Let’s start talking now about who needs rides, time to leave Bozeman, etc… We will run a J.V. team for both boys and girls. You need to be at the course by 8:45am. I believe the races start at 10am (to be confirmed). All Idaho Falls group will meet at 8:30 (location to be determined) for an easy shake-out run, then on to Bohart to cheer on our team. An afternoon run of 2 – 4 miles is encouraged for all “older” runners looking to touch 40 miles.


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  1. Great job covering the Billings Races Nancy! Who is driving to Idaho Falls, and what time are you leaving? I”m still trying to decide what to do.
    Cindy Bradshaw

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