The Creed of Crew



As members, players, even mavens, of Bozeman High’s distance crew we are in search of intense runs, fast times, and moments that leave deep, vivid memories. We are a team.  Furthermore, we are family.  We are tough, strong, and tenacious.  We believe in the challenge.  We believe in chocolate milk, the eating of food (tons) and, for the girls, the power of “the stick”. We will pick each other when one falls.  We believe in moving on; moving forward.  We will build up our community and our team.  We will support one another.  We will never give up.  We believe that every day of cross country is a day to be looked forward to.  We desire to be warriors.  We are winners.



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  1. Nancy: It was good to meet and chat with you last month when I was in Bozeman. Your daily coverage of Bozeman H. S. cross country activities virtually puts me there in person. Good luck to all the team members this season.

    Dick Dietz (Jason Holmes’ grandad.

  2. This is great, can I borrow it and post on our website? Who wrote this? This fits our Chardon crew to a T, especially as they begin this school year… Thanks!

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