Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

It is expected that every team member attend each and every practice.  With that said, many will miss a practice or two, and consequently will need to understand the consquences.

Attendance will be looked at in two phases: A) Up to our first meet, the Billings Invitational.  B) The remainder of the season.

Up to the Billings Invite, in order to be eligible to go to this meet, each runner must have at least 13 official practices, (13 separate days).  We will have 15 official practices prior to this meet.

The remainder of the season: Implementation of Flex Days—each student will need to have perfect attendance from meet to meet, in order to be eligible for the upcoming meet.  If they miss a practice they will miss the upcoming meet for which they would have been eligible for.

Now, built into the attendance policy, is two FLEX DAYS.  These days can  be used to excuse an absence, thus maintaining eligibility for the upcoming meet. It is encouraged, that students utilize Flex Days for sick days, yet they can be used however.


Billings Invite (August 31)

Any runner that has made at least 13 practices, and hs met the time trial criteria (Hawks in Forward Motion), will be eligible to compete.  The only limitation beyond the above criteria is room on the bus.  We will be taking 1 bus.

Tiger/Griz in Idaho Falls, ID. (September 7)

All runners need to be eligible by attendance.  Furthermore, boys will need to have run under 18:30 at the time trial or 18:00 at Billings Invite.  Girls need to be faster than 21:30 (time trial) or 21:00 (Billings)

Belgrade Invite (September 8)

All runners who are attendance eligible, who did not run at Tiger/Griz will be racing in the Belgrade Invite.


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  1. On the last sentence under attendance policy, it should read, “All who did NOT run at Tiger/ Griz will be running in the Belgrade Invite.

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