Helena Capital Dual

This is where I think I’m going tomorrow. Does anyone know if it would be at a different track? NC

Helena Middle School, 1025 N Rodney St, Helena, MT 59601

This address works in mapquest.com. It’s where the Helena Invite was last year. I recognize it using the satellite feature.


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  1. Maybe at the middle school where the Helena Invitational is?

  2. I think so– that is the link that I put up.

  3. Ok, I am way confused. Seems to be a common condition beginning last year when I turned 32, again. Nancy the link does not open anywhere near Helena when I click on it. Rather, a map of North Jersey opens. I hope the meet is not there!! Is it at the high school in Helena or Middle school (which one?) Help Rich

    • Rich, I took your word and modified the post I put up. I would hate to have someone drive all the way to New Jersey and not get to see the track meet! NC

      Here’s the address for the place it might be: Helena Middle School, 1025 N Rodney St, Helena, MT 59601

      • Well, they do have some really good HS distance runners in Jersey but I am not in the mood to run into all my relatives. Ok, so it might be at the Middle school. I am planning on picking up Michael at BH soon and will try to confirm with Clint.

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