Bozeman Girls 4th then 3rd at NXN Regionals

For everyone that likes lots of numbers take a look at this thread on With the move up to 3rd place Bozeman has a chance to get an at large bid for Portland in two weeks.  This story at explains what happened. The boys ended up 7th on the day with an brave try at a high individual performance by Jakob Woodland.

The had a nice, though slightly inaccurate,  article in sports today.


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  1. My photos from Boise have been downloaded but there are also family shots in the file so do you want me to send you a cd of all photos or just dump everything onto the Bozeman XC photos group?

    • Just dump them all. Thanks for getting photos this weekend. I hardly have any….


      On Mon, 14 Nov 2011 17:00:46 +0000

      • It took me 2 tries but I got them all. Sorry about the lighting on some of them but it’s a new camera and the flash kept jumping up. I finally read the instructions after the meet in Boise and it shouldn’t happen again.

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