Week #12

Week #12
PARENTS:  Thank you for the work you do to keep your kids healthy, warm, and feeling special.  I know that at times you wonder why these teenagers seem at odds with you when all you are trying to do is keep them safe and healthy.  Keep at it; “parenting” that is.  Share with them love, hugs, talking, curfews, chores, massages, homemade treats, strict homework time; whatever they need to grow in character and confidence.
This will be our final week of tough workouts.  If all goes as planned they should return home on a few evenings very tired, yet very satisfied that the hard practice is like putting money in the bank.  As coaches, we will work the kids.  At home, feed them and put them to bed.  (O. K., homework first, and then to bed.)  I am confident that we are on pace for a fantastic showing in Boise.
Monday  —  Meet at BHS.  Easy pace, moderate distance, strides.
Tuesday  —  Meet at BHS.  Be prepared for a challenging workout on the track.
Wednesday  —  Meet at the church.  Please bring a leaf rake.  If you cannot bring a rake this day, then bring one a day earlier.  I can hold any rakes in my car.  Service for a spell will be part of this workout.
Thursday  —  Meeting location still to be determined.  Most likely we will be running at Black Bull Golf Course (much like last year).  This is also one of our challenging workouts.
Friday  —  Meet at BHS.
Saturday  —  Meet at MSU track at 11am.  I am Fit, I am Fast, I am Focused.
Thanks,     Clint

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