The Cross Country Banquet is on Thursday, the 27th, at 6:00pm. My official letter asked that every family bring a main dish and a side dish for 8-10 people. I can’t remember which one, but last year either track or cc ran out of food. NC


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  1. Hey. NMCreel. If you are the source of all the newspaper articles, photos and comments that created a history of this year’s Bozeman XC team, thank you so much!. You’ve done a remarkable job. Though I live 2100 miles away, you enabled me to follow my grandson (Jason Holmes) through the season almost as if I were there. Thanks again!

  2. nancy,
    Thanks for keeping us all informed this year with the website. My family in Ohio, has also been able to follow the team
    Question……in Boise, is there a block of rooms at the hotel with the team, like last year? If not, maybe we parents that are going should try to get a block and a discount all in one shot.

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