MHSA State Meet Info

Here’s the official MSHA information for the state meet:

2011 Post Season Information

Listed below are the race times for the 48th ANNUAL MONTANA HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATION STATE CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the University of Montana Golf Course in Missoula, Montana

RACE TIMES: The MHSA handbook dictates Race order. Race times will be as follows:

  • Class B Boys 11:00 am

  • Class C Boys 11:30 am

  • Class B Girls 12:00 pm

  • Class C Girls 12:35 pm

  • Class AA Boys 1:10 pm

  • Class A Boys 1:40 pm

  • Class AA Girls 2:10 pm

  • Class A Girls 2:45 pm


2011 State Cross Country Course Map



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  1. Nancy, I’m as computer literate as a lamp post so if my photos didn’t go through please let me know and I’ll just email you the file. My email is . Dave

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